Sperm donations through the prisms of "private" or "directed" donations
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Sperm donations through the prisms of "private" or "directed" donations

Directed or private sperm donations

Any individual or couples, requiring insemination from the third party source may require the help from the family members or friend or from the private sperm agency. In some cases the individual or the couple may hook to “directed” or “private agencies” who advertise or a broker who comes in the picture. Since lesbians and gays are the majority in numbers in need of sperm they widely advertise. The agencies link the recipients and the donors in these cases.

The exceptions of anonymity

As mostly the sperm banks or fertility centers are not bound by the state regulations, they can arrange for meeting both the donors and recipient. In some cases semi-anonymity comes to the situation and both the donor and recipient come to terms for legal reasons. The situations turns even something more intimate, when parties like to have natural insemination instead of artificial insemination.

Need for freezing sperm

Sperms are frozen when private or directed donation is the ultimate solution.

Private donation

Sometimes private donations of sperms are free from any charge while medicalised donations are always a costly affair. Medicalised donated sperms are not only fresh; they are always potent enough for increasing the chances of pregnancy. However, the risky part of it is these sperms are not properly screened and are more likely to carry STDs or body fluid contacts.

Legal protections of sperm donors in some countries

Different countries have different judicial treatments for the sperm donors. To cite about Sweden and some other countries, no legal safeguards are available for the “directed” and “personal” donors. But anonymous donors get this legal protection. In New Zealand, however, like some other countries give full recognition to the ‘donor - recipient’ agreement in the same way as the sperm banks do.

Natural insemination by donor

Natural insemination by the sperm donor is as same as a couple carries out a sexual intercourse. This is a known fact. This natural intercourse is preferred by many donor and recipient because pregnancy rate is much higher than the artificial insemination. Other than this, medically supervised insemination is rather costlier, because it involves third party. When compared with safety procedure, natural insemination is riskier than the artificial insemination procedure, because in the artificial insemination procedure the sperm is screened before insemination. But many recipients try to avoid artificial insemination because of 1) lower pregnancy rate, 2) higher cost factor and 3) involvement of 3rd party.

A female’s fertile time is made use of for natural insemination. This is applicable to the other ways of inseminating the female. Only the fertile time of the female can ensure the egg formation, whatever may be the procedure of insemination.

Option of artificial or natural insemination by some private sperm donors

Some private sperm donors offer both artificial insemination as well natural inseminations. In some cases, natural insemination is performed after the unsuccessful artificial insemination. The desire of the prospective recipient or the female seeking sperm donation mostly opts for “natural conception” through natural insemination as her preferred choice than the artificial insemination.

End result of private sperm agency’s way of working


Because of private arrangement between the donor and recipient, hardly there is any record maintained. Everything is arranged as per the convenience as well the preferences reached at between the two parties. The recipient’s choice dominates the entire episode, because ultimately the successes of all these efforts depend upon the success of the insemination. Even the sperm agencies prefer the sure & successful sperm donors for their publicity & goodwill. This proves a fact that, if thoroughly checked, it may be found that a single donor has fathered many offspring through many females or recipients.

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