Symptoms and Treatment of Tuberculosis

Symptoms and Treatment of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a deadly disease which is generally caused due to bacilli named tubercle. These bacteria causing tuberculosis spreads from the infected person to the other person by small droplets present in the air while they coughs or sneezes.

It was initially developed in certain countries but initiate ascending in the year 1985 but not completely since this period also marks the emergence of the HIV virus which results in AIDS, one of the most deadly diseases ever. In the country United States or US, due to powerful control programme this TB or tuberculosis start to reduce again in the year 1993, but still remains as an issue of great concern for human beings.

Now days, it is increasing in the whole world, but is more usual in the countries which are in the state of developing. Now the number of people is increasingly detected with this disease. It has some treatment and can be healed if diagnosed at the right time and suitable treatment. It also have an influence on some other parts of the body like bones, intestines, bladder, joints, skin, kidney glands, testicles and several other tissues in the body. Therefore, pulmonary tuberculosis is very harmful and important type of tuberculosis which influences individual’s body.

It doesn’t matter that whatever be the medium of the entry of tubercle bacilli, it in anyway reach to its destination i.e. lungs. Generally, this occurs mostly in childhood period beginning from minor infection to non-curable problem. It usually creates excepting merely tiny and tough nodules known as Ghon’s focus, but having very little medicinal stimulation in the lung material and calcium containing glands at root of your lungs.



The major cause of this disease the tubercle bacilli which is an harmful bacteria. This is usually transferred from the infected person to the other person when he coughs or sneezes. There are yet not any known medicines/vaccines available recently for the avoidance of these diseases. Pulmonary tuberculosis is majorly caused by myco bacteria tuberculosis; it is an acid and rapid bacteria ascertained by Robert Koch who was a German scientist in the year 1882.


There are many indications or symptoms of this disease which can be seen in an infected person. Such as weight loss, severe coughing or blood coming out in the sputum etc are very usual symptoms of tuberculosis. Furthermore symptoms include, the exhaustion of the body, flushing cheeks, sunken eyes and the lips also becomes dry. The breath also attains some unusual stink.




The treatment of tuberculosis can be mainly achieved by using some types of doctor prescribed antibiotics. The work of these antibiotics is to attack the harmful bacteria present in the infected person and kill them or evade them. The very important discovery was done by two famous scientists named Calmette and Guerin of French. They have established the foundation of the vaccines used against tuberculosis disease by utilizing a down virulence tuberculosis bacilli vaccine. The ultimate stage included in the treatment of tuberculosis was done in the middle of the 2nd world war, which was then named as chemotherapy.

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