Systems of "Organ donation" in India, needs a sea change----Part-----6
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Systems of "Organ donation" in India, needs a sea change----Part-----6

Continued from Part--5


In India, Organ Donations systems need sea change


Maharashtra Organ Donation Day was observed a couple of days back. Although much has been discussed and published about organ donation, but little has been really done in this case. Maharashtra is not like other states, where many economic constraints and education impede the social programs, but as far as organ donation is concerned, myths do the spoil sports. However on the occasion of Maharashtra Organ Donation Day many celebrities pledged their organs. This effort is, of course, praise worthy, because the issue is not only very much important, it also needs continual reinforcement.

The impediments of organ donation

As said earlier, different types of myths and misconceptions surround the noble cause of organ donations that is why it needs greater efforts to establish the truth before the people so that the mind-set of the general mass can be changed. It is expected that all the doctors and educationists should come forward and take some bold steps and quieting fears, clearing confusions and finally dispelling the myths, so that more and more people can participate in the organ donations.

Non fulfillment of last wishes by the family members of the deceased

Another stumbling block is even though some one pledges his or her organ, the family members do not allow the doctors to harvest the organ having been pledged after the person’s death. Here the family members are very much psychologically stubborn and dishonor the wishes of the deceased.

The good signs of organ donations

Although organ donation is a tough issue in India, there are many shining rays of hopes. Many have started coming forward to donate organs, but lack of knowledge obstructs them to fulfill their desire. The donations centers are needed to be more aggressive in their marketing effort and also expand their reach.

Expectations from all around the societies

It is also never desired that only celebrities are to endorse the movement, religious bodies and other heads are also expected to come forward to glorify the cause. The reason the religious bodies are expected to play a greater role is religious sentiments come in the way of real misconception of organ donations. The misconception is so much damaging that a general belief is that if one donates any of his or her organs, in the next birth the person will be born in his or her next birth without the particular organ.

All these factors are true pictures of positivity and negativities of Indian organ donation s. A multi pronged battle is to be won over, if organ donations are to be made really 100% successful.  Both awareness and actions have to be well orchestrated in such a way that the donors should come forward with open hearted. The recipients get their organs and get new lease of life. Red tape problems should be the matters of yester-years. The family members of the “brain dead” and the deceased can really understand the need of the unusable organ to be transformed as the usable organ. Money should not play the scrupulous role. No nexus between the doctor and the donor-mediator should exist. The poor should not fall prey to the nexus and sell for a petty amount while the “nexus” enjoys the cream.



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