Take care of dehydration in your kids & its preventions

Take care of dehydration in your kids & its preventions

Dehydration among kids & its fallouts

Normally, we lose some amount of water from our body in the forms of stool, sweat, urine and tears. Other than this, normal evaporation of water is a regular happening when our skin surface naturally evaporates some amount of water. Besides this, when we breadth out we also send out some amount of water from our body.

How do we compensate all this water loses?

We compensate all this water loses by drinking water and taking salt in our normal diets. But when we talk about kids, they lose a huge amount of salt and water when they catch fever. Due to high temperature, a huge amount of water gets evaporated. Other than fever, vomiting and diarrhea are the other causes of losing water from the kids’ bodies. These are the alarming points for kids becoming dehydrated.

How to recognize dehydration among kids?

If your child has undergone intense physical activities or have sweated, vomited or has fever, your child may have dehydrated. What you do, just follow these below mentioned symptoms in your child:-

i) When crying either few tears or no tears

ii) Sticky or dry mouth

iii) Fontanelle or soft spot on the skull of your baby. The spots may even look sunken.

iv) Eyes appear to be sunken

v) If there is no wet diapers within 6 to 8 hours.

vi) Sometimes small quantity of very dark yellow  urine

vii) If your child is a bit older, the time of observation of less urine will be 12 hours but the point of sometimes small quantity of very dark yellow urine remains the same to be observed along with dryness and cool skin.

viii) Irritability or lethargy

ix) Older kids may symptomize with dizziness and fatigue.

How to prevent dehydration of your child?

a) Make sure that your child drinks sufficient liquids, especially in those times when your child is physically active or sick.

b) If the child is vomiting, or suffering from diarrhea, the child needs more fluids for compensating the water loss.

What may be the other causes of dehydration?

You child may have sore throat that prevents the child to drink anything normally. Other than medications, popsicles or cold drinks can help the child to feel easier.

There are different types of infections which can cause dehydration to your child. You must note that you must not worry for medications for all fevers, but consultation with the child’s physician is always a right decision.

You must take care that your child drinks sufficient liquids during hot weather or in summer season. If the child is busy in activities, you must feed him or her after every 20 minutes of intervals.

You must try to schedule your child’s activities either in the late afternoon or in early morning hours. This is to avoid hottest part of a day.


Dehydration is never a good sign for your child. By the time you detect the child is dehydrated, the child is already dehydrated. The child thirst must be quenched at the earliest possible time.  So the best thing is a child should be given fluids before he or she becomes dehydrated.

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