Talking about health of "elderly male", let's focus on stay healthy at their superannuation--Part--3
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Talking about health of "elderly male", let's focus on stay healthy at their superannuation--Part--3

Stay Healthy at Any Age (Talking about male health)

Older male & their nutrition

If you are taking different types of diets you can keep your body and mind sharp, and in addition you can extend the quality of your life. As an older man, you may need the following:-

Ø Vitamin D and calcium:  As an elderly person you require more calcium and vitamin D and if you take care of it can rightly maintain not only healthy but strong bones.

o Calcium rich food: - Fat-free dairy milk, low-fat milk and yogurt, fruit juices and fortified cereals, canned fish which has soft bones and dark green leafy vegetables are the examples of calcium rich foods.

§ Every day servings  of Vitamin D and Calcium are required for the elderly person

· If you are taking multivitamin or any type of calcium supplement, make sure that you are also adding vitamin D.


Ø Fiber: Fibers are always helpful in keeping our bowel functions alright, which in addition, ultimately helps us in keeping our heart in a healthy condition. By taking fibrous foods you can avoid taking frequent meals. If you take frequent meals, you are sure to put on weight which is never a good sign. Over weight means high blood pressure; diabetes; heart problem and so on.

· If you are more than 50, you just need only 30 grams of fibres in your daily diets. The good sources of fibres are vegetables, fruits and whole grains. In case you are buying any packed eatables, check the item has at least 3 grams of fibres per serving.


Ø Potassium: The risk of high blood pressure can be avoided by decreasing the amount of salt or sodium and increasing the amount of potassium. Potassium can be rightly sourced from fruits, fat-free milk, yogurt, vegetables and low-fat milk.

· The best advice: You must go for some herbs for replacing salt and go for low sodium foods. You must stick to reducing salt intake in any and every manner.


Ø Healthy fats:  You must limit your consumptions of fat calories in between 20 to 35 per cent. The most important point to note here is all your fat-rich diets must be heart friendly that means your fat diet should be only unsaturated fats.

· You better go for olive oil, which is extra-virgin, walnuts, avocadoes, canola oil, almonds etc. All the elderly persons, who do not have any heart problem, must limit their saturated fat consumptions, which are mainly sourced from full-fat dairy foods, meat and fried foods. The maximum consumption of these items will be only 10 per cent of your total fat calories. Those with heart problem must further reduce the total fat calories as low as 7 per cent in their diets.


Since elderly persons are more vulnerable to many types of diseases in their advanced stage, precautions can work boon for them, otherwise of it will push them towards continuous health problems and medical check-ups, which may be surely intolerable for them in every occasion.


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