Tame Obesity and see the fun of living

Tame Obesity and see the fun of living

A review about controlling obesity:

WE remain engaged in talking about young generation, especially about the girls and their obesity. Yes, we all admit that girls are finicky about their figure but you will be surprised to know that young boys are also no exception. Their biggest concern is how to stop gaining weight. First we should find out the reasons for excessive obesity.

Food habit: We all love to eat delicious, mouthwatering, oily, creamy dishes which contain fat and help us to add some calories in our diet. There is no credit in adding some calories in your stomach as it increases the chances of heart blockage, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Fewer activities: We spend hours in office sitting on a chair. When we are at home we prefer to take our seat and watch TV or simply lie down leisurely. It helps us in no way rather it is creating health hazards. There are hardly any manual jobs left and as a result of it we are more inclined to mechanical life. Machines make our life easy and simple but not healthy enough. Body movements make our organ more flexible but overweight is a burden.

Technology & innovation: As we work mostly on machines our next generation is also addicted to technology. They don’t go outside to play football or cricket. We find them indoors busy with laptop, video games or with tab. Obesity is not the only problem they are facing. Lack of immunity, poor eyesight, low bone density, zero physical fitness and poor digestion have also become a concern among the parents.

Switching to a healthy life does not suggest any drastic change. Make small efforts which eventually lead you to big rewards.

1. What we must eat as our daily diet: There are no substitutes for fruits and vegetables. It also improves our health. Light food does not burden us with extra calories. Keep salads in your meal. Try to consume fat free dairy products. Even if you are trying any packaged food try to find out the nutritional content written over there. Choose cereal, sprouts over rice and noodles.

2. Physical exercises on daily basis: Physical exercise is must to burn your extra calories. You can join any gym, try yoga and even morning walk can also be a great help to reduce weight. We all know that swimming is also an exercise that enhances our flexibility. Don’t hesitate about getting injured during any physical activity. Get a proper trainer who can help you to lose some weight.

3. Body movement: Who doesn't like comfort? But to enjoy a comfortable life for a long run you have to sacrifice few trivial comforts. One of the best exercises is climbing staircase. If you have any breathing trouble, you better avoid it. It is best if you can move your eyes from computer screen for at least five minutes in every one hour. Walk when you are talking to someone over the mobile phone. Send your children to play in the ground. It will not only make them fit and strong but also help them to mix up socially with other kids.

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