Tennis elbow is a known problem in the lateral side of a person’s elbow region
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Tennis elbow is a known problem in the lateral side of a person’s elbow region

Tennis elbow

In the year 1873, when Runge described about the painful body condition in the elbow area, similar problem was later published in the year 1883 by Major through the heading of “Lawn-Tennis-Elbow”, the “Tennis Elbow” is since been coined for describing the problem of over use of elbow. The injury refers either about professional players or about others who use or over use their elbow for their regular or day to day jobs. Tennis Elbow is a known problem in the lateral side of a person’s elbow region. Clinically it is diagnosed that it commonly occurs specifically at extensor tendon, originating from the ‘lateral-epicondyle’. The injury is also known as ‘lateral elbow pain’ or ‘archer’s elbow’ or ‘shooter’s elbow’.

Causes for Tennis Elbow:-

The problem may occur starting from your daily living activities, playing instruments like guitar, ordinary waiters or manual workers, climbers, swimmers, players of racquet sports and of course both lawn and table tennis.

The areas you may feel pain in this Tennis Elbow are:-

- stiffness in the elbow in the morning time

- bending or lifting your arm

- while twisting your arm for opening jar or turning the handle of your almirah / door

- below your elbow bend

- lifting anything keeping your palm down

- even gripping small items like pen

- extending your forearm is a problem

- pouring liquid in a container

Symptoms associated with Tennis Elbow:-

A patient feels radiating pain covering elbow to the forearm even including wrist. People may also feel pain when trying to extend his / her wrist. Any patient of Tennis Elbow always complains about the weakness in the forearm, feeling difficulty in shaking hands or gripping or holding ordinary day-to-day needed items. Some patients, when attempted calcification in their rotator cuff or bicipital tendonitis, have experienced increased pain.

Treatments: - Since in most of the cases of Tennis Elbow, if mild, a patient gets recovered within 6 to 24 months, the injury is largely considered as recoverable within a year. This body condition, if not severe, can be better without any medical intervention, because it may be a self limiting condition. But, if the condition is not mild, there are some treatments which can speed up your recovery as well improve upon your symptoms. In this Tennis Elbow some rest is needed in association with the restraints, if possible complete stoppages of the repetitive acts are always better. Cold compressing on the affected parts for sometimes with intervals can give relief. Painkillers like paracetamol can be of some help. Ibuprofen, comes in the NSAID (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) category, is also proved to be helpful in reducing inflammation.


Some patients need massaging and manipulating the troubling spot for reducing their stiffness and pain in their affected areas; when done with care and attention they receive noticeable improvement in their elbow movements. If some patients are suffering from persistent and severe pain, the patients can take the help of physiotherapies. If all these are not giving any relief, the doctors take the last step of surgery and remove the damaged part.

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