Tension headache & what are the cranial neuralgias related intense facial pain?
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Tension headache & what are the cranial neuralgias related intense facial pain?

Tension headache & what are the cranial neuralgias related intense facial painintense facial pain?

Many factors cause a headache. Headache can be the symptom for many irreparable diseases. However, let us discuss the issue of cranial neuralgias that can cause intense facial pain.

Neuralgia refers to nerve pain. What it is? Neur means nerve and algia means pain. The term “Cranial neuralgia” means inflammation occurring in one of the twelve nerves that is instrumental in supplying the functions of motor and sensation in our neck & head. The issue has strong connection with the trigeminal neuralgia.

What is trigeminal neuralgia & why should we know about it?

It is a condition of chronic pain. It affects the trigeminal nerve. Our facial sensation is carried to our brain. A patient of trigeminal neuralgia may experience a shock of excruciating pain, while putting makeup or brushing.

Facial pain & headache relation

A trigeminal neuralgia patient may initially experience short or mild attacks, but the disease can progress and cause longer and more frequent jerks of severe pain. Mostly women are affected, if compared with men. People with advanced age of 50 and more are the major victims.

Available treatments of , trigeminal neuralgia, , trigeminal neuralgia,

Different types of treatment options are available, making the trigeminal neuralgia treatable and so relief giving from pain. The treatments can vary from the extremity of the problem so surgery / injection / medication are the options. The treatment is given to the trigeminal or cranial nerve V.

Areas involved in the problem

The base of our skull that is the place where our trapezius muscles remain inserted and the temples where the jaw-moving muscles are located and also our forehead are the areas involved in the problem.

The causes of tension headache

Tension headache is one of the frequently occurring headache types. The cause of this type of headache is still unknown. In most probability, it causes due to the skull-muscle contraction. When the muscles that cover the skull, gets stressed, they are likely to go into spasm and get inflamed that ultimately cause pain.

The other cause of tension headache, detected so far are the emotional or physical stress placed on the body. Believably, the stressors affect the areas of muscles of our skull and so cause the clench in our teeth and so causing the spasm.

The physical stressors involve prolonged and difficult manual labour. Sometimes it may be long period of concentrative sitting on computer or on a desk Emotional stress is the other cause of tension headache, because it causes contraction in the muscles of the skull’s surrounding areas.

Tension headaches & their symptoms

The commonly known causes of tension headache are:

 The pain that starts at the upper neck or at the back head is felt like a brand-like pressure or tightness. The tightness can be felt around the head.

 In some cases, the intensity of the pain can be felt over the eye brows or over the temples

 The intensity of the pain may vary, but it is never disabling. This means the person with the problem may continue with the pain in his / her daily chores

 The pain is, in most of the cases, bilateral that means it encircles both sides of the head.

 The pain may not have association with vomiting, nausea, or any sensitivity to either sound or light.

 The occurrences of the pain is sporadic that means infrequent or without any pattern. But in some cases it may occur daily and frequently.

 In most of the cases, the sufferer may function normally, along with the problem of headache.



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