The brain power improvement of children, the nutritional factors--Part--1
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The brain power improvement of children, the nutritional factors--Part--1

The brain power improvement of children -- the little one is to become a big boss tomorrow, yes / no?

Simply a balanced and healthy diet is not enough for a child; you must note that the diets must also fertilize their brain. If the food is right, it can improve the functions of their memory, brain power and their concentrations. As our body absorbs nutrients from the foods we take, our brain also absorbs the much needed nutrients for it. The following foods are superior for a child’s brain to absorb.

a) Salmon fish (very good for brain): salmon is a fatty fish, which is a very good diet for our brain. It has omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a child’s brain’s functions & growths. A child’s mental skills can be highly improved by the intakes of this fish. You can make different tasty items but see that preparation is healthy without spoiling the food value within it and give it to your child as his or her regular diet.   (Example may be a whole wheat bread, sandwiched with this salmon fish.

b) Eggs are the very good stuffs for a child’s brain. Eggs are good source for protein. The yolks of an egg have choline, which is very important for developing a child’s memory. (Example may be a breakfast of burrito, mixed with other nutritious vegetables for your child).

c) Peanut butter is a very good brain food for any child. Any child will love peanut butter, which is a good source of vitamin E. The nutrient is such an antioxidant; it has the power of protecting nerve membranes. Thiamine is the other important nutrient from the vitamin E is very much effective for a human brain, in addition to its glucose content, which is necessary for energy source. You can mix peanut butter with some fruit droppings such as bananas. You can also some veggies, such as celery to complement the richness of the food value of the diet.

d) Whole grains like cereals and breads are very important food stuffs. These food stuffs are the sources of energy, needed for our brain. Other than the energy sources, these important foods are good suppliers of vitamin B, needed for the nervous system. What you do---you can add the whole grain to most of the meals like wraps, crackers and whole grain bread.

e) Oats & oatmeal are other types of unique brain food. These items are 1) sources of energy and 2) “fuel” for the brain. Normally fibers are packed with oats, so that kids can feel “full about their stomach” and can avoid any type of junk food. Besides this, the food stuffs are the good sources of vitamin b, E complex. The zinc contents in oats & oatmeal are very much effective for the working of kids’ brains. You can make toppings with oat & oatmeal for blueberries or even almonds, apples and even bananas.


f) Berries are very good as brain food. They are not only packed with vitamin C, berries can help in improving memory, in addition to their rich content of vitamin C. the berry-seeds also contain omega-3 fats, which are very active in the functioning of brain. Different types of berries are blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and cherries. The nutrient power of the berries is dependent on their intense color. The more intent the color the more it is nutritious. Different foods like smoothies, snacks or even deserts add significance if there are the presences of these berries.


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