The deadly Lung Cancer in brief

The deadly Lung Cancer in brief

The deadly Lung Cancer:

Not like yester years, both men & women are becoming the victims of lung cancer in these days. Smoking is the 90 per cent cause of lung cancer related death. The other vital causes are different chemicals; pollutions and radon gas play some roles, but not that much like smoking. There are some new generation drugs which can offer some hope for diagnosing the disease.

Relation between smoking & lung cancer

Cigarettes come with cancer-laced chemicals and affect the natural defence system of our lungs. Cilia, the tiny hairs in our airways, protect our lungs by sweeping out viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Tobacco smokes impairs the working of cilia. This results to cancer causing chemicals to be accumulated in our lungs.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

The start of cancerous affect is quite. Usually the person being affected will have no warning or symptoms in the initial stage. With the worsening progression, the symptoms will surface like:

• Chest pain at the time of deep breadths

• Consistent coughing

• Shortness of breath or wheezing

• Bloody phlegm during coughing

Screening of Lung cancer

Cancer is very difficult to be detected in an early stage. Spiral CT scan can be the only way to detect lung cancer in an earlier stage in some cases, but saving life is not guaranteed even with that early detection.

According to the recommendations of The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, annual lung cancer screening with low-dose CT should be conducted on the adults with 30 packs and their age should be between 55 to 80 years.


Diagnosing Lung Cancer

In majority of the cases, lung cancer remains undetected even by the doctors until symptoms like wheezing or chronic cough surfaces. In this stage your doctor will prescribe imaging test or X-Ray for your chest. In some cases sputum tests are also done. If any of these detects cancer, you are likely to get your biopsy.

Lung Biopsy

A biopsy is done for confirming the diagnosis of lung cancer either after sputum tests shows up cancerous cells or a tumour gets visible after X-Ray. For biopsy, a small piece of suspicious mass is taken away through a needle (in most of the cases) for checking through a microscope. Doctor can confirm whether the tumorous sample is cancerous or not.

Lung cancer & its types

Two types of lung cancers are common: , 1) small-cell lung cancer and 2) non-small-cell lung cancer. The more aggressive one is the 1st one i.e. small-cell lung cancer, because it spreads quicker to the other parts of our body. Mainly cigarette smokers get this dangerous disease. Non-smokers are rare to get the problem, unless they are long-term passive smokers. The other type i.e. non-small-cell grows more slowly and are rather common. All most 85% of all the lung cancers are caused by this type.

Stages of lung cancer

Staging of cancer can describe about patient’s condition. Different types of stages are there in these two types of lung cancer. There are two divisions in small-cell lung cancer. In case one lung is affected or perhaps has nearby lymph nodes, it is known as “Limited”. However, if cancer spreads to the other lung or beyond that, it is known as “Extensive”. In case of non-small-cell cancer in the lung, a stage is assigned for it.

Survival Rates of Lung Cancer

As per the latest statistical data received from The National Cancer Institute, those  diagnosed  with lung cancer can live 5 years and beyond are 4% to 54% and depends upon the disease’s stage. Due to the advanced researches, the rate of survival continues to rise.

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