The important milestone your child with "Learning Disorder" should be adhered to----Part----4
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The important milestone your child with "Learning Disorder" should be adhered to----Part----4

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Learning Disorder---part—4

The important milestones for your child’s language and speech development

An infant communicates by crying so that companionship, comfort and food can be available to him or her. Other than drawing attention, infants start recognizing different types of important sounds from their surroundings. The important sounds any infant can recognize are sound of his or her primary caretaker or mother. With the progression of age new born can differentiate between the speech sounds which are composed of language and other sounds. When any new born reaches at the 6th month of age, he or she can make out the native language’s basic sounds.

Since each child is different from other, so is the difference between their skills of language and speech. Nonetheless, for mastering their skills of language, a neutral progression is found to be followed by them.   You can go through the checklist below which can enrich you about the milestones of normal language and speech development. The milestones are to be followed from the “zero” to 5 years of age of the child. All these milestones are adhered by the health professionals or the doctors, so that they can track on the periodic progress of the child. The primary cause of delay in the periodic progression may be hearing impairment or the cause of language & speech deficiency or to say learning disorder.

Distinction between language and speech disorder

Children who face difficulties in understanding the receptive language that is other’s words & sounds and sometimes they find it difficult to share their thoughts by expressive gestures, are the cases of language disorder. This condition is known as SLI (Specific Language Impairment).

SLI (Specific Language Impairment)

Specific Language Impairment is a type of physical condition in-which a child’s language skills get delayed to master over. Many of such children start talking after 4 or 5 years of their age. Those children who have difficulties in starting their speech sounds in correct way or some of those who stutter or hesitate to speak correctly are often found to be the cases of speech disorder.

Apraxia of speech

Apraxia of speech is known to be a sort of speech disorder, for which a child finds it difficult to make syllables together or put sounds together in a correct manner.

What should you do when you find your child has delayed condition of language or speech?

When you find any issue or concern, you must talk to your child’s physician. It is most likely that your doctor will refer your child to a language pathologist. The language pathologists can well evaluate the condition of language and speech disorder of your child. This health professional will start treating your child’s general and communication problems. A special spoken test is carried out for evaluating your child. In many cases the right diagnosis starts with hearing test. This is needed to rightly know whether your child’s speech and language problem ids due to hearing problem or not.

The child’s diagnosis by the speech pathologist will determine about the required treatment from this stage. If the case is not much serious, the language pathologist can suggest some treatment at your home, which can help you to gradually stimulate your child towards development.

In some cases, both individual and group therapy are recommended. The services of developmental psychologists or audiologists can also be taken.


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