The period when you should give your child ample attention to improve upon "Learning Disorder" --Part--3
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The period when you should give your child ample attention to improve upon "Learning Disorder" --Part--3

Continued after Part--2

Learning disorder—Part—3

After the completion of the evaluation, the main focus should be teaching learning skills. For these child’s strengths & abilities need to be built. In this stage, the child’s disability related compensations and corrections and also the remaining weaknesses should be taken care of.

Besides this, language and speech therapists’ roles are also important in this situation. Medications are also helpful for improving the capacity of the concentration and attention of the child. These helps are excluding the psychological helps, which are really effective for these types of cases.

The known prognosis about learning disabilities

Many cases of learning disabilities are lifelong conditions. A few of the cases are found to have overlapping conditions of learning disabilities. A few other cases may have either isolated or single learning problem, which do not impact anything in their lives.

Researches having been undertaken

NINDS (The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke) and also NIH (National Institutes of Health) types of national institutes are engaged in supporting the research activities on learning disabilities. A handful of research activities towards developing the techniques which will be helpful for increasing the understanding, pertaining to biological base and developing the techniques of diagnosing & treating the learning disabilities.

Language & speech problem in children

As far as skills of language & speech of the children are concerned, every individual child differs from others. Health professionals can evaluate the degree of impairment of each individual child. Their milestones can determine whether the child is in need of any help or not. The milestones are uttering of “Mama”, “Dada” etc. can be expected from every child when they have crossed their first 12 months after the birth. In case any child is found to be delaying these developments, it is due to the language or speech disorder and so on.

Language disorder:-

In this condition the child cannot follow or understand what others say. A few such children find it difficult in sharing the thoughts. So, children who find it difficult in producing correct speech sound. It may also be the case that a few children stutter or hesitate before talking. These are the indications of speech disorder in children.

How to develop the milestones of speech & language?

The milestones of speech & language can be developed within the first three years of life. During the period of a child’s life, the brain not only develops, it also matures. The period is known as very intensive because in this stage a child acquires language & speech skills. The child must be reared in a speech and sound full environment, from where the child will recognize every type of speech and sound, which must be perceived by the child through his or her consistent exposures within the language and speech of others.

Young & infants pass through a critical period of language & speech development, because in this period our brain can absorb languages in the best way. In this period a child must be exposed to the ideal environment of sound, speech, color, sight etc.



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