The preventive side of Asthma, a few important tips

The preventive side of Asthma, a few important tips

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Asthma is shortness of breath which is mainly caused by chest infection. Pollution, dust, weather change make the situation worse for the asthmatic patients. Sometimes it is hereditary. If it is not treated timely, it may lead to severe breathing trouble. It is now well known fact that breathing exercises like Pranayam, Anulom Vilom cure 50% of your asthma. This yoga, if performed under proper guidance, strengthens lungs and increases the pumping of oxygen. If you are feeling shortage of breath inhale oxygen and hold it for few seconds and release it slowly. It will certainly improve your condition.

Let us find out few precautions that can help you to prevent Asthma.

Many people are allergic to dust. It is important to keep individuals away from those factors that aggravate the chances of asthma.

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Smoke, pollution, dust are those common particles that cause chest infection which leads to asthma. If you have any pet like cat or dog it is advisable to take extra precautions as their fur can also provoke asthma attack.

Seasonal Change is another key factor that troubles asthma patients. Bronchitis is a disease that takes toll on life mostly in winter. Old people are the target of this chronic ailment. Common symptoms of winter asthma are running nose, nasal stuffiness, sneezing and sore throat. If you are fighting with any of these, immediately consult a doctor before it goes beyond your control. Now with the tremendous growth in medical science, improved medicines can give a protection from flu infection. Patients who have Chronic Obstacle Pulmonary disease can take a vaccine which works as a safeguard before the winter but try this only after consulting a chest specialistPatients who have Chronic Obstacle Pulmonary disease can take a vaccine which works as a safeguard before the winter but try this only after consulting a chest specialist. Cough is the worst factor for causing asthma. Neglecting chest infection means welcoming chronic illness. Treat it carefully and use nebulizer to get rid of cough.

Simple tips to avoid asthma attack

Keep a piece of fresh clove in your mouth and clear your throat. It also works as a mouth freshener and clear the itching of the throat.

Start your day with basil leaves and boil it. Add some honey and swallow it. It will keep you away from cough and cold.

Garlic has many health benefits. Swallow a crushed piece of garlic in warm water.

Ginger tea also brings effective relief to sore throat.

Try to take vapour thrice a day to clear your nose.

Moreover, few things that you have to follow religiously to save your health are avoid getting soaked in rain, wear sweaters and jackets with socks and muffler in winter and in summer over sweating can also be one of the reasons for chest infection. Don’t keep wearing a wet dress that can cause trouble.

Now unfortunately children are no exception and from early age they are the victims of asthma. The main reason behind this trauma is pollution. Cough and cold is very common to all kids but for some children it becomes critical and they need extra care to get rid of the cough.

As a parent you have to identify the factors that are affecting your child. It could be dust, rain, weather change or weak immunity. Take precautions on the basis of the triggers.

Consult a doctor before it is too late and follow the instructions and medicines properly.

Introduction of yoga from the affected persons’ childhood can help them to build a strong immunity power. Some breathing techniques, if applied properly, can reduce the intensity of the attack. However, it is difficult to prevent asthma but it is possible to control its severity by taking these preventive measures.


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