The primary knowledge about the chronic cough & what are its causes
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The primary knowledge about the chronic cough & what are its causes

The primary knowledge about the chronic cough & what are its causes

Sinus problems, asthma, allergic rhinitis and esophageal reflux of stomach are known to be the common causes of chronic cough.

Infants & children with chronic cough: The trouble of chronic cough may be for inhaling foreign objects, especially in the cases of children. However chronic cough in children are the uncommon incident. The children may show the symptoms if they are affected by the foreign materials that might be obstructing the child’s airways. A few treatable cough symptoms among children are allergies, asthma or the lung obstructions.

Following are the common causes of chronic coughs.

Asthma: - It is a disease of airways that causes difficulty in breathing. Abnormal breathing has other symptom, such as wheezing. Many of the asthma patients have chronic cough as the sole symptom. When tested, these sufferers may have normal lung functions. This detection is often marked as the cough variant. The condition of the asthma patients may aggravate with the exposure to air pollutions, cold air, smoke, pollen or even perfumes.

Tobacco smoking:- Smoking of any type of tobacco products triggers chronic cough..

GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) means backward flow or acid reflux of stomach acid or some other contents into the esophagus. In case movement of the stomach acid is towards backward up the esophagus, it causes spasm in the airways as its reflex, causing cough & shortness of breath. In some cases of acid reflux, the severity may be high and the inhalation of the substances into the lungs is most likely. This will symptomize the same while damaging the lung tissues. A few of the sufferers may not have any heart burn sensation but will start coughing.

Sinus problem: - Postnasal drip and sinus problem can be responsible for chronic cough, along with mucus. Detecting this problem is very difficult.. In some cases, CT scan becomes essential for diagnosing the real problem. Sinus affected person always complain about a tickling sensation in their throat, and so, they are compelled to clean their throat very often. Fungus, bacteria and infections may be the cause of the problem. Antibiotics are not effective for the viral infections. The asthma patients with the infection in their viral upper respiratory part often suffer from prolonged cough, in spite of the fact that the infection is cleared.

Mycoplasma: - Mycoplasma is one type of bacterial pneumonia, can be responsible for chronic cough, accompanied by production of sputum, shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue. This type of physical problem is known as walking pneumonia. It can affect both the healthy and young persons.

Whooping cough:- Whooping cough is not only an acute problem, it is also a highly contagious respiratory infection. The cause of the disease is bacterium Bordetella pertussis. Mostly the victims of the whooping cough are the infants and the tendered aged. The immunization of the disease is possible by the pertussis vaccine. In case the whooping cough is detected among adults, it is because of the chronic cough the patient is suffering from.

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