Treatment of Early-Stage Lung Cancer--a real savior than repentance for ever
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Treatment of Early-Stage Lung Cancer--a real savior than repentance for ever

Treatment of Early-Stage Lung Cancer

Surgeries are the right treatment for arresting the spread of non-small-cell lung cancer, when it is found to have just started spreading. The affected part with the tumor is removed by the surgeon. In some cases the entire lung is removed for the sake of proper treatment. Even after that, some patients also need chemo or radiation therapy for killing the remaining cancerous cells. This is exclusive of the fact that surgeries are not done on the small-cell lung cancer. The reason is the cancer gets already spread by time diagnosis is being carried out.

Treatment of Advanced Lung Cancer

In case lung cancer spreads beyond curable stage, treatment is still the option for the patient’s better quality of life and living longer span of life. Tumours are shrunk by the chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which can also help in controlling symptoms of blocked airways and bone pain. Small-cell lung cancer is mainly treated by chemotherapy.

Recommended/targeted therapies

Recommended/targeted therapies are the latest procedures of cancer treatment, which can be used for chemotherapy. They can also be used when other therapies fail. Growth of new blood vessels which are the feeders for the cancer cells, are prevented by one type. By this way, people with advanced lung cancer can live longer. However, the other therapy causes interruptions of the signals of the lung cancer causing-cells’ multiplications.

Lung Cancer & the Clinical Trials

With the help of clinical trials, doctors can step into new treatments of lung cancer. The patients can also be helped in getting comprehensive care.

Life after diagnosis

Any patient will be shocked to know about the onslaught of lung cancer. One among the self-created problems of lung cancer is smoking, for which patients should definitely blame themselves. But it is not wise to simply blame only, better to be active and consult a right doctor. If you are prompt, you can still lead a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that after quitting smoking, many lung cancer patients do better than those who did not quite smoking.

Second hand Smoke & Lung Cancer

Smoking is known to be the main cause of lung cancer; however this is not the sole risk factor. The passive smokers, at home or at work, also become prey to the smoking hazards. 20 to 30 per cent of the married spouses of the smokers are more likely to be the victims of the same problem of lung cancer.

Work Exposures and Lung Cancer

Some jobs pose the equal threat of lung cancer to both the smokers and non-smokers. People, those who are engaged in arsenic, uranium, and other chemical plants are the next category of victims of lung cancers. In the next list of lung cancer causing element is the asbestos, which is found to be highly responsible or notorious in this case. Although asbestos is rarely used, but those who have already become victims, are still fighting with the problem.


Radon Gas vs. Lung Cancer

Randon is well-known as one of the radio-active natural gases. This gas occurs above the normal levels in some parts of the USA.  The gas gets built up at home, increasing the risk of lung-cancers. The risks are more for the smokers. This is the second highest cause of lung cancer in the USA. The lung cancer related 12 per cent deaths in the USA are due to the exposure of radon. The gas is neither visible nor smelling. However, simple test kits can detect the gas.

Air Pollution vs. Lung Cancer

Although air pollution is lesser riskier than lung cancer, it is also one of the causes of lung cancer. Air pollutions are created from power plants, factories and cars. This category is also counted as the passive cause of lung cancer. 223,000 lung cancers deaths from around the world are due to air pollutions.

Lung Cancer & Other Risk Factors

The reasons like

• High arsenic potable waters

Family inherited lung cancers

There are many un-known reasons of lung cancers. This includes even those affected people who have never smoked. Many causes are still not known to the researchers. The studied investigations, in this context, have found that women are more affected by lung cancers than men. The studies have also concluded that adenocarcinoma is such a cause that is responsible for lung cancers among the non-smokers, if compared with the smokers.

Prevention of lung cancer

Although lung cancer is one of the deadliest causes of cancers, but it is very much preventable. The simple suggestion is “never smoke, if you are a smoker, stop smoking as quickly as possible. Once you stop smoking, you can see 30 to 50 per cent of the problem will go away from you within 10 years of your quitting smoking. Quitting smoking needs resolution, conviction and valuing of your life.








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