Understanding Schizophrenia

Understanding Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disorder that is challenging in nature as it will make the patients hard to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal. They will never be in a position to function normally, they cannot relate to others, they cannot manage their emotions and cannot think clearly. But, this does not mean that these patients do not have any hope in their lives further. The reason is that this condition can be managed successfully and the initial step in this process is to identify the signs and symptoms of this condition. The second step in getting out of the issue is to seek medical help without any delay and finally the patients should stick to the treatment. With the right kind of support and treatment, a patient with this mental health issue can lead a happy and peaceful life.

What is the condition all about?

It is the brain disorder that affects the way an individual sees the world, thinks and acts. The patients with this condition generally have an altered perception of reality and they generally face a significant loss of contact with the reality. They may hear and see things that do not actually exist, they speak in confusing and strange ways and they always suppose that others are trying to hurt them and even they feel that they are always being observed. With such a blurred line between the reality and the imaginary, this condition makes it hard and even fearful to negotiate the day-to-day activities. This is why patients with this condition generally withdraw themselves from the outside world.

Risk factors:

Generally, it is found that this condition affects people in their late teens or early adulthood. But, it can appear for the first time in a middle aged person or even or an old age individual as well. In some cases, it can even affect young kids as well, but the symptoms will be different in them. The earlier it develops, the more severe it will be. Also, reports state that it is more severe in men as against women.

Help for the condition:

Even though, this is a chronic disorder, patients can get help for this issue. With therapy, medication and support, they will be in a position to function independently and can lead a satisfying life. However, the chances of recovery will be good only when the condition is diagnosed and treated right away. So, when an individual identifies the symptoms of this condition, it is better to seek immediate medical help.

What are the early signs?

In some people, it appears all of a sudden without any apparent symptom. But, for many people, it comes slowly with subtle warning signs and it will bring about a gradual decrease in functionality before the first severe episode. Many friends and family members of patients with this condition will identify that there is something wrong with the individual, but they cannot tell what it is. In early stages, patients will feel emotionless, eccentric, reclusive and unmotivated. They neglect joining in a group and try to isolate themselves and say some different things.

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