Warning Signs Of Liver Problems - Be Aware

Warning Signs Of Liver Problems - Be Aware

The most important method that can be followed for ensuring your health is to keep an eye on the early signs and symptoms of liver problems. Generally, liver problems show up in the form of the following signs when they are at the early stages. So, keep a watch and keep yourself protected:

Skin discoloring:

The first and foremost sign of the problem associated with liver is its malfunctioning and when it is not in a position to filter the toxins from the body. When the liver does not perform this important function, the yellowish bile pigment called as bilirubin will get accumulated in the bloodstream and this in turn will change the color of the skin to yellow over a period of time. This is termed as jaundice and this disease is a clear sign of the malfunctioning of the liver. The yellowish color of skin will be more visible in eyes and fingernails. When this happens, immediate medical attention is needed.

Skin sensitivity:

The other early sign of liver problem is also something associated with the skin. When the liver problems remain un-attempted for long, the skin will turn itchy and will become even touch sensitive as well. This problem will worsen with the passage of time.

Change in the color of urine and stool:

Any change in the color of these substances is also a sign of liver issue. Sometimes, urine and stool also thickens and sometimes the patient may experience blood in the stool and difficult bowel movement as well.

Change in the abdominal area:

Any changes in the abdomen can also be an early sign of liver issue. Some changes that might be experienced are cramps or pains that occur mostly in the lower part of the abdomen. This condition should be treated; otherwise, it may lead to some other health issues.


The continuous feeling of fatigue and tiredness without any reason can also be identified as the sign of liver problem. When an individual experiences fatigue even for simple works, even with perfect food intake, it is better to seek medical help for identifying the reason behind the frequent fatigue.

Acid reflux and vomiting:

Frequent indigestion and sensation of acid reflux are also signs of liver problem. This condition can sometimes lead to vomiting as well in patients with liver problems.

Lack of appetite:

Some patients might experience lack of appetite either completely or partially and this condition will worsen over time, when not treated.

Fluid retention:

Retaining fluid in different parts of the body can also be a sign of liver problem. Generally, the fluid retention will happen in feet, lower legs and ankles, where there will be swelling. When the swelling is touched, there will be a finger imprint, which will last for a few moments denoting that there is fluid retention in that part of the body. This is another sign of liver issue.


This is another sign of liver issue as the improper functioning of liver can create problem in the abdominal area, thereby leading to diarrhea.

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