What do you think of the role of the family members in controlling high blood pressure?
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What do you think of the role of the family members in controlling high blood pressure?

Role of family members in controlling high blood pressure

A person with high blood pressure is a matter for worry for many, if not for all in the family. Anyone in the family with high blood pressure must be under medication and also be sincere to the healthy lifestyles. It is known to all that high blood has no remedy, it can be brought to the controlled level—that is all one can do by maintaining healthy lifestyles and remaining under constant medication. So, one affected person in the family can be the matter for worry for the entire family.

What is the problem with the blood pressure?

Because of high blood pressure, the blood vessels become narrower or stiff. This forces the heart to pump hard for circulating blood throughout the body.

How is blood pressure measured?

For measuring blood pressure, two pressure numbers are noted. One is the systolic pressure i.e. upper number and the other is diastolic pressure number i.e. the bottom number.

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For any adult, if the blood pressure is recorded at 140/90 or higher, the person is having high blood pressure.

How should be the frequency of checking your blood pressure?

Minimum once in a year you must check your blood pressure. In case your pressure is too high or too low, you must not restrict to single time checking. In this case your doctor will guide you the number of times you need to check your blood pressure.

Number of patients of high blood pressure in USA

In USA alone, 50 million people are affected with this problem.

What is the cause of high blood pressure?

In most cases the cause of high blood pressure is unknown, but many factors are there to cause high blood pressure. They are:

 Race: Afro-Americans have high blood pressure. The number and the severity are more than the whites residing there.

 Obesity: Those who are overweight will be having high risk of having high blood pressure.

 Age: As you age, you will tend to be the victim of high blood pressure.

 Alcoholic: If you are alcoholic, you must distance yourself from the addiction. Never try to increase your amount. Excessive alcohol intake means you are the victim of high blood pressure.

 Heredity: High blood pressure runs throughout the generations

 Excess amount of dietary salt: If you are habitual in taking too much of salt in your diets, you are inviting high blood pressure

 Lack of exercise: Any one, leading inactive life will be most likely to be the victim of high blood pressure.

 Gender: Until 45 in age, men are the most of the victims, if compared with womenSometimes friends can also join for any health or exercise program voluntarily. This is a positive angle. Those, who do not get this opportunity or feel alone with the problem, may need to take the help of professional counsellor, as their compulsion.

Keeping concern for any family member with high blood sugar problem is natural for the family members. If all the members are serious about the problem, this indicates about the support and help to the ailing person.

Is there any likelihood of high blood being transmitted from one person to other or one generation to other?

The actual causes of high blood pressure are still unknown, but enough evidences are there that confirm the problem may run through families. So other members must get their blood pressure checked at regular intervals.

Does high blood pressure have any other allied problems for the patient?

Yes, if high blood pressure is not rightly controlled, it can give birth to other problems, such as kidney disease and strokes. It is always important that the patient is regularly visiting the doctor and following his/her advice. This practice is good for keeping the high blood pressure under control. Family members are expected to take note of the following danger lines, if the blood pressure is not under control:

Heart attack: The problem is symptomized by pressure in the chest and/or chest pain. This may spread to neck, shoulder or arms. Some patients feel shortness of breath while some others complain about fainting sensations. A few others have the problems of sweating or feeling sick of stomach.

Kidney disease: Patients of high blood pressure may have the pain in lower back, increased needs of urination, swelling in the hands & neck. A few of these patients have the problem of discomfort and burning sensation at the time of urination; a few others have blood in their urine.

Stroke: Some patients with high blood pressure may have numbness or sudden weakness on their face, leg or arm on one side of the body and a few experience sudden loss of vision in one of the eyes. Some other high blood pressure patients have the problem of understanding any speech or difficulty in talking. A few patients may have unsteadiness, sudden falls or dizziness or severe headache.









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