What Is Good Cholesterol?

What Is Good Cholesterol?

When the talk is about ‘good cholesterol’, the talk is actually about ‘High Density Lipoproteins’, which are denoted as HDL in short. This is a type of cholesterol that can work positively on the blood stream of people. In general, the total cholesterol count in the human body is made up of HDL, LDL, Lp (a) cholesterol and triglycerides. Normally, health care providers recommend that to lead a healthy life, an individual should have higher HDL and lower LDL content in the blood.

Why is HDL stated as Good?

As cholesterol is something that cannot dissolve in the blood, it generally relies on lipoproteins for transporting it to and from the cells. HDL is generally responsible for swelling in artery and it clogs the LDL out of the blood stream, thereby protecting testes, ovaries, adrenals and liver. As these good ones can remove the bad ones from the blood stream, they are stated as good for healthy functioning of the heart. Due to its goodness, it is also responsible for bringing down the chances of hardening of arteries, thereby bringing down the chances of heart disease or heart attack. When an individual does not have healthy HDL level in the body, there are chances of issues like dementia and memory loss.

What do the numbers mean?

Generally, for any type of calculation, numbers are used and there is no exception to this rule when it comes to HDL and LDL levels. When it comes to healthy individuals, 30 percent of the blood is made up of HDL and it is recommended by the American Heart Association that this level should be higher than 60 mg/dL. It is further added that in the case of men with less than 40 mg/dL of HDL and women with less than 50 mg/dL, should take steps to increase the HDL level as these levels are considered dangerous. Now, comes the question how to raise this level? Here are some suggestions in this regard:

How to raise HDL?

Men and women with lesser HDL can take many steps to increase its level and here are some suggestions that can help them:

• Including omega-3 and soluble fiber in the diet can help

• Exercising can bring benefits

• These people should get out of the habit of smoking

• They should lose weight, if they are overweight or obese

• They should avoid foods with trans fat and LDL

• They should also bring down the intake of calorie-rich foods

• They should restrict themselves from taking alcohol

How to identify the numbers?

After having understood the importance of maintaining ideal cholesterol level, people get a doubt as to how they can identify their numbers and here is what they will have to do in this regard:

They should skip the breakfast and should have a blood test and generally, the lab will take one to three days to give the results. If the report states that LDL is higher and HDL is lower, appropriate remedies should be taken.

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