What may be the causes of side effects of drugs for your liver disease?
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What may be the causes of side effects of drugs for your liver disease?

Different Causes of liver disease

There are many reasons for liver disease. They are:


 Hepatitis or liver inflammation, in this condition the liver cells become inflamed

 Cholestasis or obstruction of bile flow

 Accumulation of triglycerides or cholesterol

 Obstructed blood flow to the liver

 Damages of liver tissues due to infiltrated by abnormal cells or due to minerals or chemicals

 Alcohol abuse is one of the main causes of liver disease. The cases are mostly found in the Northern America. Alcohol has direct toxic references to the liver cells, causing inflammations in the liver. If affected, the condition is known as alcoholic hepatitis. If the case is chronic, fats get accumulated in the liver.

Liver disease due to drug abuse

Drugs and medications can be the cause of liver cells becoming temporarily inflamed; in some cases it may also be damaged permanently. There are some drugs which need to be administered overdose to the patient, resulting into damage to the liver, either partially or permanently. Some medications, even taken in appropriate quantity, as prescribed by the doctor, can also cause liver damage.

Extra dosage of certain medicines can be the cause of liver failure. That is why warning levels are there on the over-the-counter drugs. One must limit the doses of medications per day.

The persons who abuse alcohol or those patients, who have liver disease, need to lower their daily limit of certain medications. Some drugs are there exclusively for controlling high blood sugar level but with the side effects of liver inflammation. Detection of the inflammation is done through blood test that can measure the enzymes of the liver. If the medicine is stopped, normalcy of liver functioning can be usual.

Another medicine is there for controlling elevated blood cholesterol level, but this medicine has closer link with the liver inflammation and the doses taken for the treatment. This medicine has side effects for the patients with underlying liver problems. The recent study of this particular medicine has concluded that the medicine is not that much effective in controlling high cholesterol level, as it was thought of before. The patients who take this medicine have to often consult their doctors for the side effects of the medicine on the other medications.

Many other medicines may also cause liver inflammation. Most of these medicines’ effects will surface once the medicines are stopped. One of the medicines, effective for treating cancers and autoimmune disorder has different types of side effects that include liver inflammation, leading to even cirrhosis. Another medicine used for treating alcoholics is the cause of liver inflammation.

Excessive amounts of vitamins and a few other herbal medicines, have the side effects of liver inflammation, cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Some of the mushrooms are very much bad for liver. This includes those mushrooms that grow in wild areas.


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