Why uses of condoms will be more educative than preventive measures against Herpes Simplex Viruses?
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Why uses of condoms will be more educative than preventive measures against Herpes Simplex Viruses?

Always use of condoms will be more educative than preventive measures against HSVs (Herpes Simplex Viruses)


The substances of Genital herpes in women

Genital herpes is caused by sexual transmission, both oral and genital sex are the causes, later being more dangerous. The actual cause of HSV (Herpes Simplex Viruses) is the viruses enter the mucous membranes or skin through microscopic breaks. The situation occurs when sexual contact is made through genital area.


What happens when the symptoms are present?

Painful blisters are the indications of the herpes. The other indications are swollen lymph nodes, body aches and fever, these are in addition to the ulcers in the genital areas. All these remain with the person throughout his/her life time.


What are the important features of this sexually transmitted (HSV) disease?



The usual diagnosis is recognition of changes in the genital skin areas. Genetic amplifications are done on HSV genome material along with viral cultures. Besides these some other tests are also done for ascertaining the actual condition.



So far no cure is there for this HSV. However antiviral medications are effective in reducing the frequency and severity of HSV. There are some home remedies for reducing the severity of the symptoms, but they are not effective for cure, they are only for symptoms’ reductions.

Pregnant women may take oral antiviral medications, but completely under the guidance of a gynaecologist.


Intensity of the problem

The problem is taking a dangerous shape in these days and may blow up in huge proportion due to the present social scenario, where many are freely indulging in multi-partner sex, starting from school age to superannuation age (S to S).


Preventive measures & condoms

Since prevention is becoming difficult in this multifaceted & high-tech system-based modern age, the easiest preventive measure is condom. The noteworthy point here is the condom advertisements are gaining huge patronages in these days (especially in the TVs) because of its attractive features, which can tempt many to enjoy up to the brim. But the condoms do a great job, provided they are not reused or senselessly used up to the puncture condition. Condoms are effective in preventing the diseases to spread, but only in the areas of the skin which are covered by the condom. In case of oral sex, the possibility of spreading the infection is 100 per cent. The reason is contacts are taking place between oral cavity and genital. Some of the clothing that comes in contact with the genitals (during this oral sex) may obviously cause spreading the viruses to the other parts of the body or to the others who may use the same clothing for any reason.


What are actually the genital herpes and their types?

HSV is a sexually transmitted disease or STD. There are 2 types of HSVs.

1) HSV-1 &

2) HSV-2.

HSV-1 is associated with the mouth-area-affected blistering lesions. The affected area is around the mouth of the infected person and is known as cold sores.


HSV-2 is associated with the genital areas of the affected person. The areas often remain exposed during the sexual activities.


But both the types can infect both the areas. Any person carrying the infectious viruses may spread the viruses in many ways (even without having sexual intercourse) from his / her infected clothes or other things which carry the viruses. The notable point is, in many occasions, the infected person may not have signs or symptoms of the infection



How does the virus act?

Once the virus outbreaks, it travels through our nerve system and permanently makes its stay within our body tissues. The blisters can get reactivated or reoccur any time of the affected person’s lifetime.


How many persons are the victims in the USA alone?

According to some rough estimate, USA has 50 million of HSV affected persons. And the statistics is 1 out of every 6 person in the country, are affected with the disease, and their age group is between 14 and 49.


The way the genital herpes infect

The herpes viruses get entry through the mucous membrane or skin whenever it gets the opportunity during the oral or genital sex. Sometimes they are microscopic. They get broken in the tissues. Any infected person both male and female, even though he or she may not have the signs or symptoms of the infectious disease, can infect other. The individual outbreaks of herpes are not the same with every individual carrying the disease. The outbreaks depend upon the severity and frequencies of the cases. The function of the immune system of the victim has important relation with the problem of getting inflicted. The example is the victim may be passing through some stress or have any type of illness, or the victim may be under some medications when his/her immune system is rather suppressed.


What are the ways of this HSV or STD getting transmitted?

1) The first reason of HSV or any other STD transmission is direct sexual contacts between one to other. HSV transmission is mainly attributed to the sexual contacts in the genitals to the genital areas.

2) The second reason is genital contact of a person, who has the infection of cold sores, through the mouth of the other person. If a person has cold sores in his/her mouth the person can also spread the infection to the other person by similar action.

NOTE: - Transmission of the infection from male to female partner is obviously more.


Signs & symbols of genital herpes

In many cases, the affected people with the infection of STD (HSV) have mild symptoms. Sometimes, these mild symptoms are mistaken to be another condition. Many cases are there who are infected but have no signs and symptoms. So it is not possible for everyone to know about the infection he or she is getting from his / her partner and ultimately carrying it forever, as an unknown dangerous gift.


Appearances of symptoms means everything, so far unknown

When the symptoms are present, they consist of very painful blisters around the rectal and genital areas. Once the blisters are broken open, they become ulcers. Healing of these ulcers usually takes 2 to 4 weeks. The first time affected person may experience flu like symptoms. Some may have fever also, accompanied by swollen lymph nodes and body aches. Before the outbreak of the infection, itching, tingling or burning sensation(s) on the skin may be experienced by the affected persons.


Women are the most victims

Blistering lesions are seen in the genital areas, mostly in the vulva or vaginal opening. The situation worsens with the progression of the infection or with the growing ulcer formations. In most of the cases the infection spreads to the cervix, causing inflammation in the cervix. A few women may have the only sign of cervicitis for the infection. Once urethra of the woman is infected, the woman will have pain during urination. Once the infection outbreaks, it stays throughout the life, without any chance of getting cured.


The diagnosis of HSV

Once the signs and characteristics are established, diagnosing HSV becomes possible. But in many cases, due to atypical presentations of the signs and symptoms, large numbers of wrong clinical diagnosis lead to the further miseries for the affected persons. Laboratory tests include nucleic acid amplification tests and viral culture for detecting the virus’s genetic materials. The next tests are immunologic tests. Through these tests, the patient’s antibodies to genital herpes can be identified. Through these tests, it is also possible to establish the true occurrence of the infection.


Is HSV curable?

No, HSV or genital herpes are not curable, further to it, if a person is affected with this problem, no possibility of respite from the problem throughout the life. The problem has the potential of recurrent outbreaks. However, some medicines can bring down the frequency and severity of the outbreak for managing the symptoms.


Treatments of the infection


With the help of antiviral medicines, duration of outbreaks and the severity of the infection can be treated, provided the treatment is taken before the blistering surfaces. The best time for taking the medication is when unusual skin sensation or tingling sensation is felt by the person. In case the treatment is taken immediately after the outbreak and before 24 hours, the result may be better and effective.

The medicines are usually taken orally, but the severity of the problem may compel your doctor to inject the medicines through veins, (only in most typical cases, because mostly HSV treatment is not done intravenously).

Some topical medicines are there for direct applications on the sores. But these medicines are not that much effective, when compared with the oral medicines, so their uses are very scarce. Most of the medicines are the suppressive therapies in nature for reducing the number of outbreaks. In a year a patient may have more than six outbreaks.


Can natural remedies or home remedies can treat the genital herpes?

As already known that there is no remedy for this type of infection, there is hardly any natural or home remedy available as on date. A few cares like taking warm bath and allowing the blisters to dry up is the available rescue. Wearing loose fitted-clothing and cotton underwear will give the patient some relief.


Management of HSV during pregnancy

Some antiviral medicines can be used during pregnancy. But like other STD, HSV also gets transmitted to the baby during delivery. Infection in the baby gets spread through the blood stream that causes serious consequences. As a preventive measure, in most of the cases, caesarean procedure is taken when the woman goes in to labour. According to the recommendations of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the pregnant woman with the infection should be administered oral medications at or beyond 36 weeks of pregnancy and till the delivery, so that vaginal delivery chances can be increased.


Prognosis of the HSV (genital herpes)

As said earlier, there is no cure for HSV, and the infection remains throughout the life, only the severity of the problem can make the difference between the recurrences of outbreaks. Those who are taking medicines for the suppression of the outbreaks can decrease the number of frequencies of outbreaks.


Preventive measures of the infection

The infection of herpes can spread both during an outbreak and also by the infected person. Hence prevention is really difficult. Only condoms are helpful in preventing the spread of genital herpes only during genital sexual activities, but not during oral sexual activities. The skin areas where contacts are there and not covered by condoms may get infected with the viruses of STD (HSV). To prevent the spread of the disease, proper wash of your body parts with medicated soap and keeping the used clothes untouched from any other person to use it for any reason, may prevent the infection from spreading further.




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