Will Non-smokers Get Lung Cancer?

Will Non-smokers Get Lung Cancer?

As most of us know, staying away from tobacco is the crucial thing to stay away from lung cancer. But, there is no guarantee that individuals will not get this disease, just by keeping away from tobacco. A report states that each year about 16000-24000 Americans lose their life to lung cancer, even though, they have not smoked earlier.

What do health care providers say?

Health care providers suggest that people should educate themselves about the factors that can force them to the risk of getting lung cancer. Here are the details in this regard:

Radon gas: This is stated as the leading cause for lung cancer among non-smokers. Studies state that those who live in a radon-contaminated house are at higher risk of lung cancer. The unfortunate thing about this gas is that it cannot be smelled and its presence can be found only by getting the house tested for its presence. It is generally present in buildings that are constructed with soil that has natural uranium deposits.

Second hand smokers: Nowadays, there are laws in most of the countries of the world pertaining to smoking in public areas. These laws help non-smokers to stay protected against lung cancer. This is because these people can also get cancer due to second hand smoking. This means that when another person smokes, the smoke produced can cause the other people around to smell it, thereby leading them to the risk of lung cancer.

Agents that cause cancer at work: For some people their workplace itself acts as the enemy for their health. When they are exposed to carcinogens at workplace like diesel exhaust and asbestos, they will be at the risk of lung cancer. As the local government has taken many steps to safeguard the workforce, this type of risk has reduced to a great extent in some countries these days.

Air pollution: When there is an increase in the air pollution with the higher level of carcinogens in the air, people living in that area will be at higher risk of lung cancer.

After understanding these facts, it becomes important that in addition to keeping away from the habit of smoking and tobacco usage, it is better to stay protected from the above-mentioned risk factors.

Can lifestyle changes help in bringing down the risk?

Non-smokers can make some lifestyle changes to stay away from the risk of getting lung cancer. Some measures that can be taken include:

• Getting the house checked for radon gas

• Restricting family members from the habit of smoking to reduce the risk caused by second hand smoking.

• Limiting asbestos and other cancer-causing agents at work

• Following healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits can also help to bring down the risk.

• It is also suggested that people should follow good breathing practices and exercising regularly in a pollution free environment at early morning can be of great help in reducing the risk of lung cancer.

Smokers are also suggested to take committed steps to quit this habit to protect not only themselves, but also their family members from the risk of lung cancer caused by passive smoking.

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