Your child with "Learning disorder" means you must take very sincere care of your child's improvements---Part--1
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Your child with "Learning disorder" means you must take very sincere care of your child's improvements---Part--1

Learning disorder---Part—1


Learning disorder is known as learning disabilities or learning differences.  In this condition a person’s power of remembering, understanding and responding to the information are not normal. Those who have this problem may have following impediments:-

 Reading or writing

 Speaking

 Paying attention or listening

 Doing math

The time of occurrence of learning disorder

In most of the cases, learning disorder occurs at a very young age of the afflicted person, but is detected only when the child gets admitted into his or her school. Almost one third of the children affected with learning disorder, also suffer from ADHD.   That is the reason the cases of learning disorder remains unheard of.

What is the primary way of identifying the cases of learning disorder?

Only the specialist doctors or the trained professionals can rightly identify the cases of learning disorders.

What is next step?

After identifying the cases of learning disorder, it becomes essential to send the child to school and get trained in the areas of learning defects. Some special tutors or therapists help these types of children. Since   the problem does not go away, only proper and systematic rehabilitative measures can improve the condition of the child.

Developmental reading disorder

Developmental reading disorder is such a condition when a child’s brain cannot properly recognize nor can process certain symbols. This condition is also known as dyslexia.

What are the causes of dyslexia or developmental reading disorder?

DRD (Developmental reading disorder) or dyslexia occurs when brain cannot interpret language, due to some problem in certain areas in the brain. Vision problem is not responsible for this problem. The problem occurs due to some specific problem of processing of some information. Other than this problem, the affected person does not get interfered with his or her ability to understand or think about the complex ideas. Most of the patients, suffering from DRD are found to have normal intelligence. Even some of them have more than average intelligence.

The conditions like Developmental Arithmetic Disorder or Developmental Reading Disorder are the example of DRD. DRD is often found to be a family run or hereditary disease.


Any DRD affected person cannot separate sounds nor can he or she rhythm, which are very much essential for speaking words. All these abilities are also important for learning to read. By basing on word recognition, a child can develop his or her reading skills and which bases recognizing words. In this stage a normal person separates out the sounds with the help of the words and gets them matched with the groups of letters and single letter.

Since the persons with the DRD conditions find it difficult to connect the language’s sound with the letters of the word, they might face difficulty in understanding the meaning of the sentence.

The patients with true dyslexia are more affected than the confusions or transposons. The example is confusing “b” as “d”

In general DRD symptoms may include:

• Difficulty in finding the meaning of a simplest sentence

• Difficulty in rhyming

• Difficulty in learning to make out the written words


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