Your child with "Learning Disorder" --Part--2

Your child with "Learning Disorder" --Part--2

Continued from part--1

Learning disorder—part—2

What are the important issues attached with the learning disorder?

A person with learning disorders or learning disabilities may have impaired understanding status. The person may also face difficulties in writing languages. Facing difficulties in mathematical calculations are also the other noticeable points with the person. The person may also have problems in coordinating direct attention or coordinating in movements.

As it is well known that the problem of any learning disorder starts in very early age of any human being but it is recognized only when the child is sent to school. As per the research on American children, 10 percent of these children have some type of learning disabilities.

DRD Tests & Exams

Learning disabilities’ tests & exams include many factors, especially reading disability. Emotional disorders, brain diseases, intellectual disability, certain educational and cultural factors are also the matters of concerns for the doctors for testing and examining the condition of DRD.

How DRD is diagnosed?

The primary job of DRD diagnosis starts with the following:-

 An overall medical exam is needed which must include neurological exam for performing DRD diagnosis.

 Had any one in the family had dyslexia—needs to be asked.

 The person, with the symptoms of DRD, must be asked about his or her social, developmental and such other performance.

 Psychological assessment and Psycho-educational testing may be helpful for diagnosing such problem.

Following recommendations are helpful for imparting training to the persons with DRD

 Individual or private tutoring

 Remedial instructions or extra learning assistance should be provided, depending upon the cases

 Arrangement of special day classes will be helpful

Since most of the students with learning disabilities carry poor self-esteem, positive reinforcement will be rather effective step.

The other most important measure is psychological counseling.

Prognosis (outlook)

Remedial instructions which are a specialized help can be helpful to a person for improving the comprehension and reading abilities.

Probable complications

The condition of DRD may lead to

 Loss of self esteem

 Behavioral problems can also be visible when the child is in a school

 The lasting or continual reading problem may affect the person’s job performance.

The best time to contact medical professional

In case a child is found to have trouble of reading or learning to read, a doctor must be consulted as soon as possible.

Preventive measures

Since learning disorders are hereditary, one must rightly study the warning signs of the affected child, especially in those families where the problem is running through families. The earlier the diagnosis is done; the better will be the result.

Treatments provided

Since every case is a different case, each of the case should be diagnosed with different strategy. That means each of the case must be given different educational plan.

Special education is found to be the most common treatment for the patients with learning disabilities. The educators, who are specially trained, are capable of performing the evaluation assessment for diagnostic education.

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Special education is found to be the most common treatment for the patients with learning disabilities. The educators, who are specially trained, are capable of performing the evaluation assessment for diagnostic education. A child’s intellectual and academic potential and also the academic performance level can be assessed by these special educators. After the completion of the evaluation, next is the basic approach is teaching the learning skills. For this a child’s strengths and learning abilities are built.

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