Your Kidney makes you/your family smile, but may also cause tears if you don’t care for it correctly
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Your Kidney makes you/your family smile, but may also cause tears if you don’t care for it correctly

The working of your kidneys & its importance

In most of the cases our kidneys do not get full respect, what it should have. The kidneys are only cared in case something goes wrong. However, the truth is many are becoming the victims all around the world, Americans are the cases for rising victims due to the problems like diabetes & hypertensions; obesity is at the back of it.

Statistics of kidney disease in USA

More than 26 million that means 1 among 9 adults in America are suffering from CKD (chronic kidney diseases). The irony is most of the victims are ignorant about it. Vanderbilt University in Nashville had a survey on the patients with CKD in the year, 2016 and found that 1/3rd of the patient undergoing the treatment of CKD, don’t know about the seriousness of their disease.

NOTE: - CKD cannot be cured, but timely intervention can prevent the disease to occur. (CKD should not be clubbed with Kidney stones)

The most affected people with CKD in USA (as per the survey)

Most of the victims were above 60s. Their ethnicities were: people to have got the disease from their heredity and the Hispanics and blacks.

Importance of kidney

It is well known that the main function of kidney is to remove the excess fluids and the other waste products from the body, this includes drugs & chemicals.

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The fluids are removed through urine. Urine production is a very complicated or complex process. It comprises of excretion and reabsorptions. The process is very important for maintaining the balance among the body chemicals.

Kidneys perform the critical regulations of our body’s acid, potassium and salt content. The other functions of kidneys are production of hormones, which are needed for other organs. The example is hormone production by the kidneys is stimulant for the production of red blood cells. Other hormones are helpful in controlling calcium metabolism and regulating blood pressure. Kidney, “the chemical factory” does these important functions for our body:

i) Removes waste drugs from body

ii) Removes different types waste

iii) Balances fluids within our body

iv) Controls red blood cells’ productions

v) Produces a form of Vitamin D, which is helpful for promoting healthy & strong bones

vi) It releases hormones which are helpful for regulating blood pressure

The kidneys & their functions

We have 2 kidneys. The size of each of the kidneys is similar to our fistThey should also alter their diet so that protein content can be minimized, but only after the consultation with the dietician.

E) Exercising in a regular way is a good stepping stone towards remaining fit & healthy. With exercises, muscle functions get improved, so the kidneys also become healthy. Regular exercises can also lower the blood pressure. Exercise is also helpful in maintaining healthy body weight. This also helps in improving sleep.


If exercises are clubbed with dancing, cycling, swimming, walking etc. the result will be very healthy. In these cases a patient needs to start low and go slow. The exercises must be at least 30 minutes and 3 times in a week.

It is a good habit to talk to your exercise partner while working out. This will help one to get complete recovery from any type of exhaustion or fatigue, which will make the session very enjoying.


F) If you are under any other medication, you must be careful about pain killers. Take them (pain killers) if you really need. You must consult your doctor, in special cases like any other chronic problem for which you need to take the pain killers at a stretch for 10 days or more than that. Example may be arthritis.

G) Combine drugs with NSAIDs, caffeine and acetaminophen need to be avoided.

H) Your water intake will be minimum 6 to 8 glasses per day, if you are taking any of the above medicines.

You must be careful to the problems like

1) Blood and/or protein in the urine;

2) High blood pressure

3) Decreasing GFR;

4) Pain or difficulty urinating;

5) More frequent urination;

6) Swelling of feet and hands;

7) Puffiness around the eyes.

I) It is very easy to calculate your GFR. GFR calculation should be done minimum once in a year for those who are at risk of kidney disease. Those who are already diagnosed with kidney disease must get the GFR calculation done.

J) In case any one can’t understand the way of calculating GFR, they can take online help for getting the GFR calculated through National Kidney Foundation. They have online GFR calculator.

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