Best Ways to Tackle Cold and Cough

Best Ways to Tackle Cold and Cough

Cold is perhaps the most annoying ailment with symptoms including coughing, runny nose, headache, fever or body ache. This disease lasts about 10 to 15 days depending on the medication one is taking. There are many over-the-counter medicines available for curing cold and cough, however, they won t be able to fight off the disease if one doesn t take precautionary measures as well. Here are some simple steps that facilitate the effects of medications.

One must take vitamin C which boosts the immune system so that the body becomes better able to fight the infections. Instead of popping vitamin C pills, one should drink orange juice daily or eat fruits with high vitamin C content like lemon, orange, guava, to name a few.

Water intake must be increased. The more water one drinks, her body is more cleansed. Toxins and bacteria contribute to the infection which increases the cold and cough symptoms. Therefore, drink plenty of water to clean the body from within and flush those out and recover at a good speed.

Personal hygiene is very important – one must wash her hands regularly especially after rubbing the nose, sneezing or coughing. While one is ailing, her body becomes more prone to various infections; hence, cleaning the hands after touching any surface and before eating is also crucial to combat cold.

While there are many over-the-counter pills available for treating cold, many women rely on age-old herbal and/or home remedies to cure themselves. These home remedies include:

Gargling with warm water wherein a dash of salt and turmeric powder are added for bettering the sore throat

Ginger powder, turmeric powder and half a tablespoon of honey are added to warm milk. Drinking it at night before going to sleep helps in getting relief from headache, cold and body ache

Getting steam inhalation is the most appropriate way for getting rid of the cold

Drinking tea, preferably herbal, is a very helpful in treating cold. When preparing the tea, one should add some tulsi leaves, black pepper power and crushed ginger as these help in curing sore throat and relieve one from sneezing symptoms

Chicken soup is one of the bet homemade remedies for treating cold as it gives the body enough warmth as well as nutrients that help in diminishing the symptoms of common cold.

Many women don t bother to rest when they have minor cold and cough. This isn t the right approach to tackling the situation as body can t fight infections if it s tired and stressed out. When the body is even slightly weak, it should be provided with an adequate amount of rest otherwise it will become more susceptible to getting other health issues. One should take the day off from work and get enough rest to help the body recover.

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