Herbal Products for Treating Hair Loss

Herbal Products for Treating Hair Loss

Hair enhances one’s beauty and enriches the appearance. Also, there are several herbal products for hair which helps in maintaining its original texture. Hair fall and Hair breakage has been a major problem and is also a reason behind reducing the magnificence of an individual. But because of certain herbal treatments and methods it has become possible to retain the hair’s growth and the attractiveness which was reduced earlier. Certain herbal products for hair and major reasons behind hair loss have been stated to have a proper view of this critical issue

Reasons behind Hair Fall

Nothing could be better than shiny and thick hair which beautifies the personality of an individual but the core issue which prevent this state is hair fall. Herbal products for hair are there but a strict schedule needs to be followed regarding their regular usage in order to avoid this issue. Several reasons could be there for hair loss. Major factors have been listed:

  • Because of Hormonal imbalance
  • Due to excessive smoking
  • Lack of nutrients in meals
  • Usage of chemical products on hair.
  • Genetic factors may also be responsible for this issue
  • Due to certain medical conditions like thyroid, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Anaemia, etc.
  • Stress is also a major reason behind hair loss
  • Excess consumption of Vitamin A
  • While pregnancy too one may get through this problem
  • Male baldness (due to genetic disorder)
  • Auto-immune linked hair loss which is a consequence of an overactive immune system

How to Control Hair Fall

Controlling hair fall is a belt-tightening task for people today, as pollution, diet and lifestyle have changed to such an extent that is has become a tough task. But certain herbal remedies for hair loss has made this tricky process easy. Also, one major benefit is that these methods do not have any side-effects. Best treatment and herbal products for hair  have been listed.

  • Hot hair oil massage at least once a week is mandatory
  • Consumption an application of aloe vera gel is both helpful for curing this problem (keep for 30 minutes on scalp)
  • Fenugreek and curd paste should be applied to scalp and wash after 1-2 hours, this will help a lot if performed regularly (once a week)
  • Apply onion juice on your scalp and shampoo after half an hour.
  • Mix beetroot leaves and henna then apply on hairs and scalp.
  • Put the green tea bags in hot boiling water. Then after cooling down rinse hairs with that water. Also, you can use it as a conditioner.
  • Home Remedies for Hair Growth

    Herbal products for hair loss are available, but some individuals have an issue regarding the lack of hair growth. Best home remedies have been listed for quick growth of hairs:

  • Include protein related supplements in your diet especially make a habit of intake of milk, coconut, and apple on a regular basis
  • Application of egg mask is also helpful in enhancing growth of hair
  • Apply jojoba oil regularly a day before head-wash.
  • Soak cumin seeds in olive oil for the whole night, and then apply this paste on required areas the very next day. Wash with mild shampoo after 15 minutes
  • Boil 2-3 cloves of garlic in coconut oil after crushing. Then apply it on the roots.
  • Tips for Healthy Hair

    It is hard to take your eyes off while you are watching any celebrity in a movie or a television show. The main reason behind their healthy and beautiful hair is extreme care and maintenance. Just usage of herbal products for hair is not enough, and you need to inculcate some habits to maintain proper structure and quality of your hair. Here are some tips by which you can also maintain stunning and strong hair.

  • Always protect your hair from exposure to sunlight, dust and pollution
  • Handle wet hairs with so much caution. Avoid combing and be gentle while shampooing them.
  • Don’t forget to use conditioner after hair wash. You may use natural products like green tees water, lemon water, etc.
  • Cotton and other pillow cover invite breakage, so try to use satin pillow cover.
  • Avoid excessive heating treatments and beautification; it damages them
  • Always try to tie hair loose, means not excessively tight
  • Use clarifying shampoo once in a month; this helps in removing the deposits of old products on your scalp and makes them fresh and shiny. Its usage helps in restoring the effect of shampoo & conditioner which you are regularly using.
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