How Shirodhara Treatment Helps In Migraine And Hair Fall

How Shirodhara Treatment Helps In Migraine And Hair Fall

How Shirodhara Treatment Helps In Migraine And Hair Fall

Most of us these days believe on natural treatments, just because this type of treatment will not cause any side-effects. When it comes to natural treatment, Ayurveda can bring us the intended benefits and Shirodhara is one such healing technique under ayurvedic system of medicine. This term is used to denote the head as ‘shiro’ in Sanskrit, while the term ‘dhara’ means ‘unbroken flow’. Medicated oil is poured to the head without any break in the flow, thereby getting this treatment this name.

How is this treatment offered?

Even though, this ayurvedic treatment can bring a whole lot of health benefits, it is stated that it is the ideal treatment option available for patients suffering with hair fall and migraine. During this treatment, a stream of oil is dropped over the head at a steady pace to bring about an intense relaxation feeling, besides stillness and calmness to your mind. In addition to hair fall and migraines, it is used as the treatment for stress relief, nervous issues, hypertension and insomnia. The idea behind this technique is to revitalize the mind and to bring oneness in the body.

During this treatment, the patient will be made to lie down on a wooden table known as panchakarma table. Once he/she lies down, a copper bowl with medicated oil will be hung above the head, exactly to point out the forehead. Before beginning the flow of oil, the practitioner will initially place a cloth over the eyebrows of the patient to prevent the flow of oil to the eyes. In addition, eyebrows are closed to ensure that the eyes are relaxed. Before this treatment, an analysis of doshas will be conducted for identification of the right treatment from the different options available. The treatment involves pouring of oil continuously to the forehead and as the oil is medicated, it will provide complete relaxation to the patient and will induce good hair growth as well.

Timing of the treatment:

Shirodhara treatment is known to last for 20-25 minutes and after the treatment, the individual, who has got the treatment, will be asked to rest for some time. Shirodhara benefits are huge.

This treatment is generally considered ideal for bringing down stress levels and tension. It will also help in improving flow of blood to the brain, thereby improving memory power, besides bringing nourishment to the hair scalp. It can calm the mind and will address insomnia.

Here, let us get into the details about Shirodhara benefits:

  • Improves digestive system health and natural metabolism process in the body.
  • It can address burning sensation in eyes
  • Premature greying of hair will be solved
  • It can address insomnia.
  • Can relieve many issues related to nervous system like ptosis, paralysis and facial palsy.

When talking about ayurvedic and natural remedies, Baba Ramdev medicines have already proven its mark with effective remedies for different conditions and this medicine also suggests shirodhara, pointing out shirodhara benefits and its beneficial effects on the human body.

Where to get this treatment?

In India, the state of Kerala is popular for this treatment and here are the centers in which this treatment can be obtained:

  • Kerala Ayurvedic Healthcare
  • Matt India Medical Centre, Alleppey, Kerala

Best timing to take the treatment:

Experts stated that the best time to take shirodhara is between 7 am and 10 am.

So, all that is to be done is to choose the ideal treatment center to get this treatment.

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