How to Get Rid of Nerve Pain

How to Get Rid of Nerve Pain

How to Get Rid of Nerve Pain

Pain is a part of our life. It provides crucial information about your environment that helps you avoid injury. Nerves or group of nerves are part of the system which sends pain signal to the brain.When these nerve get injured or irritated they sends continuous pain signals to the brain.

Numbers of medical terms are used to describe this condition, depending on the cause and location. Neuralgia, neuropathic pain, peripheral neuropathy and peripheral neuritis all refer to types of nerve pain. In addition sciatica describe leg pain, lumbago- lower back pain, and trigeminal neuralgia- facial pain.

The causes of the original nerve damage can be any number of events. Nerve can be served or crushed by blunt trauma, burns, laceration or amputation, including surgical ones such as mastectomy. Nerve can be pinched from inside the body by a slipped disc, a vertebra that is out of alignment, muscle in spasm or a cancerous.

There are numbers of analgesic, narcotics and NSAIDs drugs which are used in these condition but if you are searching for a natural and herbal remedy for this nervous pain then here are some herbs to help you out.

Herbal remedy for nerve pain

  • Cayenne(capsicum annuum)

Caspsaicin, an extract from cayenne and other peppers, can dramatically reduce long term nerve pain. Studies have proven its usefulness for arthritis, shingles, trigeminal neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy. It works by reducing the concentration of chemicals and enzymes used by nerve cells to transmit pain signals. This effect can require several weeks of regular use. Unlike regular painkiller, however, capsaicin does not produce a tolerance in the user.

Several capsicum cream are available in market.

  • St Johns Wort (Hypericumperforatum)

This herb has been traditionally used from last many Years as a depression remedy, it said to be scientifically proved for condition such as depression and anxiety, including wound healing and fighting off infections. Although St Johns Wort is not an analgesic, which helps decrease the sensation of pain? Itactually had a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps decreases the sensation of pain. It also helps reduce the muscles tension and spasm that often accompany nerve pain.

Typical dosage: 900 to 1200 milligram.

  • Corydalis (Corydalis yanhusuo)

This Chinese herb is tuber with potent pain relieving properties. It is traditional used for painful condition such as gastrointestinal spasm, neuralgia and menstrual cramps. This herb act like the member of the opium family, modifying the perception of pain by specific centers in the brain. It also has anti-anxiety and sedative effects.

Typical dosage ½ teaspoon of powdered herb two or three times daily.

  • Jamaican dogwood(piscidiapiscipula)

This tree grow wild in Central America. The content bark of its root works directly as an aspirin pain relievers by blocking the prostaglandins which produces inflammation and pain. It also has mild sedative and anxiety relieving properties.

Typical dosage 100-500 milligram capsules.


Prepared: by Dr. ShivaniAmola


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