Best summer skin care tips to keep your skin healthy

Best summer skin care tips to keep your skin healthy

In the summer all the way around - the major negative factors are the high temperatures, often more and high humidity and intense ultraviolet radiation. All these negative factors may cause increased sweating, then extension, skin dehydration, sunburn and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, in the summer you need to adjust your care so as to protect the skin from such a negative environmental impact. Below are the summer skin care tips to keep your skin healthy.

Summer Skin Care:

Cleansing of Face:

One of the main stages of summer skin care face - it's cleansing. Clean the skin should be at least 2 times a day - morning and evening, but during the hottest time of the year due to increased sweating during the day may be a need for additional purification.

If you can not wash, you can clean the skin with a wet wipe, wipe the face tonic or mineral water, which is usually in the summer is always a thirst quencher, and re-apply a light moisturiser and make-up done and, if necessary.

Skin Cream for Summer:

For skin care in summer you need to give preference to a light texture and minimise the number of layers of your makeup. If the frost to protect the skin, we can put on the face serum, day cream, foundation and fix all this powder. In a hot summer day, the skin will thank you if you have limited light moisturising cream and crumbly powder or a fluid with SPF. Because the more layers are your makeup, the more enhanced the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Owners of dry, normal, as well as mature skin in the summer, can use lighter emulsions and fluids. And the owners of the young combination and oily skin is better to give preference to the gels, serums or light emulsion with matting effect.

It is desirable that old cream contains in its structure not only moisturising substances - urea, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. components but also antioxidants such as vitamins C and E to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals which are formed in excess summer sunlight and contribute to skin ageing.

Additional Care in Summer:

Peels for home use in the summer to do on a regular basis, and even more often than in other seasons, especially owners of young combination and oily skin.Young people with combination or oily skin during the summer often need to include in your care cleansing mask.

For example, with the clay that will absorb excess sebum and promote cleansing and then decrease. A problem with the skin it is desirable to have on hand more anti-inflammatory and mask, which is well relieved inflammatory reaction happens if aggravation of acne.

Regardless of age and skin type in the summer all useful hydrating mask. This mask is desirable to do after a flight, after a long stay in the sun, in general in all situations when the skin loses moisture and need to quickly make up for the deficit of water to restore skin comfort and beautiful appearance.

And do not forget the sunglasses. Otherwise, you will be constantly squinting from the bright sun, it would actively promote the formation of facial wrinkles.

Don’t Use in Summer:

It is generally recommended not to use during the summer means with acids and retinol, as they increase sensitivity to the sun. And since these funds in any case can not be used continuously and periodically need to take a break, it is logical to make this break in the summer.

However, the summer - does not mean a complete taboo for such funds. If you do decide to use, for example, the acid in the summer, then you just need to strictly follow certain recommendations:

  • Use tools with acids only in the evening care
  • In the afternoon be sure to use a cream with a high SPF
  • Do not sunbathe or visit a solarium for at least 2 weeks before and after completion of the course

Salon Treatment in Summer:

As for the salon procedures, summer - traditionally the low season in cosmetology. Firstly, because in the summer, people often leave for a vacation - the sea, to the country, to nature. Second, because many invasive procedures such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing are not recommended to do in the summer.

The most popular summer enjoys pampering -body massages, body wraps, and similar procedures because everyone wants to prepare the body for beach season or a trip to the resort.

As for the face cosmetology, it is the most versatile of skin hydration treatments - such procedures are suitable for all, regardless of age and skin type, especially after prolonged sun exposure.

Need of Sun protection:

One of the main features of the care in the summer is sun protection. Details about the selection and use of funds from the SPF.

As for care after a stay in the sun - it is important to be sure to take a shower to wash off thoroughly and apply sunscreen to the skin light moisturising emulsion with a soothing effect, preferably specially designed for the care of the skin after sunbathing.

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