What are Advantage and Disadvantage of Homeopathy Treatment?
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What are Advantage and Disadvantage of Homeopathy Treatment?

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy is a system of therapeutics that originated in Germany. Homeopathy Treatment was discovered by a well known allopathic surgeon Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

There was not much development in medical science in olden times. Now the medical science has made progress to a great extent. So many technological advances take place in the field of medical science. But people are also moving towards the Homeopathy Treatment. The birth of Homeopathy takes place in Germany in the year of 1794.
The progressive form of vaccination is Homeopathy.The homoeopathy treatment does not have side-effects. It takes a long time for curing the patient. It requires so many precautions. It does not have any chemical effects. It completely rooted out the disease.
Sometimes when the treatment of Allopathy fails, then the treatment of Homeopathy works. It is more effective in the allergic diseases. Such as urticaria and asthma as it empowers the immune system of the body. It controls viral activity and virus count. The medicines of Homeopathy are made up of a natural substance.

Diseases like a migraine, psoriasis,  Varicose veins, Angina-pectoris, diabetes mellitus, piles, Bet-wetting have no full cure in any other pathy. These diseases require removal of their cause for a cure, which is established only by Homoeopathy.

Homeopathy Treatment - Advantages:

The advantages of Homeopathy are as follows:

  • Pregnant women are very sensitive to any eating products. But the medicines of Homeopathy can protect pregnant women as it proves safe for them.
  • The medicines of Homeopathy are well suited to children.
  • If a person has already been taking medicines. Then he can also continue with the treatment of Homeopathy.
  • It also controls the reactions caused by the medicines.
  • It does not encounter any side-effect.
  • It finds its application in the acute or chronic state.
  • Its access is easy and is suitable for anyone.
  • The homeopathy Treatment is not very expensive, and it is affordable by the common man.
  • The medicines of Homeopathy can for a long time and non-perishable.
  • The medicines of Homeopathy are non-invasive.
  • Its medicines can be taken as they are sweet in taste.
  • Its treatment does not need injection and operation.
  • The effects of Homeopathy are always positive.

Disadvantages of Homeopathy:

The disadvantages of Homeopathy are mentioned by following points:

  • The treatment of Homeopathy does not work at the time of emergency.
  • It takes a long time to cure the disease.
  • Its treatment is restricted to eat so many things like the pickle, non-veg, oily food, etc.
  • Its medicines need due care to store.
  • So many homoeopathy medicines are not reliable. Because they are not certified by clinical research.
  • Patients should be dependent on doctors; they have to rely on them.
  • Thus, the Homeopathy Treatment is found to be beneficial in some places. And some places it is not profitable. A large part of our population is moving towards the Homeopathy Treatment.

    Generally, people whose disease is not cured by allopathy. Are adopting its treatment as a last hope. To be cured by the treatment of Homeopathy a person should have patience as it takes a long time to cure the disease. So the homeopathy treatment has its place.
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