Allopathy & Homeopathy: Two Medications with Contradictory Views
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Allopathy & Homeopathy: Two Medications with Contradictory Views

Allopathy & Homeopathy: Two Medications with Contradictory Views

In this modern era of medication, the mindset of the common people distinguishes between different health treatment methods. Basically, a common people consider anything which seems unusual as a disease and takes its respective pills. Therefore any kind of pain, cold & cough if brought in notice then you immediately consult your family doctor and he recommends the respective pills for anything which troubles you. Of course, we did not discuss about our lifestyle, diet etc with the doctors, we did not even try any home remedy to get rid of the unusualness in our body.

Many people might aware about the types of medication available in India such as homeopathy, ayurveda as well as allopathic. The basic purpose of this article is to let you know about the basic differences between the modern health care called allopathy and homeopathy.

In the following article A will refer to allopathy and H will refer to Homeopathy. You can note this point that this article gives you information about only classical homeopathy that will be referred to as homeopathy below. As some of the homeopathic doctors do not go for curing homeopathy, but only practice through the homeopathic medicines which are based on the patient’s symptoms. The idea of classical homeopathy is based on healing a person not only in controlling the disease.

Specialist treatment in opposition to Holistic treatment

A: The body parts, and its structure are totally different and same goes with the soul and mind of a person. According to Heimlich and Panos, the modern way of treating diseases by doctors through propelling the body and the soul to clergyman. Now a day, medical science have developed a lot and specialized in many fields such as cardiologists take cares of your heart, endocrinologist supervise your adrenal as well as thyroid gland. Each and every specialist takes care of its part of which they are specialised to and treats it.

H: Almost every part of the body is interconnected as well as mutually dependent on each other. Its treatment therapy is not limited to a single part, when the doctor treats; he considers the entire body parts as a single unit. As the body affects the mind and soul of the body, in the same way the mind and soul also affects the body and its parts. Several times a change in an individual’s feeling reflects physically when he presents himself in front of someone. A person can heal entirely only by healing it completely mentally as well as physically.

What does actually the symptoms mean?

Symptoms of any disease comprises of the following in general: nausea, pain, hunger, fatigue, the requirement of any type of movement, surging of anger, yawn, emitting the sense of irritability, cold & cough, sore throat, unnecessary sneezing etc.

A: According to medical science, symptoms are considered as a disease in itself and the medication is about eliminating these symptoms and therefore restraining the disease.

H: According to homeopathy, symptoms are those expressions of your body which indicates that something is unusual in your body. The curing capability of the body tries to bring the body back in its perfect state and balances it but if it does not then different symptoms indicates that. For instance, cough is the symptom that something has penetrated the lungs due to which we are suffering from irritation. Coughing is considered as the instantaneous way for the lungs to eliminate any substance from going in the layers of lungs.

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# Jayesh 2017-03-24
Can gonorrhoea be caused by the infected towels, also provide the list of good gynecologist in Haridwar?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-25
Gonorrhoea can be transmitted by the infected towels, handkerchiefs of the infected person, But most cases are due to sexual contacts, find here list of good Gynecologist in Haridwar.
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# Lakshmi Older than three months
Hii, I am from Dhule, can you plz tell me What is the mode of infection in syphilis ?
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# Dr. Naresh Older than three months
90 percent cases in syphilis are transmitted through unsafe sexual contacts, Mothers can also pass infection through breast milk, you can also consult with good Gynecologist in Dhule .
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