Rely on Homeopathy For Morning Sickness

Rely on Homeopathy For Morning Sickness

In general, morning sickness is stated as one among the many important symptoms of early pregnancy in women. During this period, it is recommended that women should not rely on pharmaceutical medicines as they are toxic and they can cause harm to the growing fetus. It is generally recommended that carrying women should avoid all pharmaceutical drugs during pregnancy.

Generally, drug manufacturers claim their medicines to be safe until they create some serious harm. For instance, the most commonly prescribed medication for morning sickness is Bendectin and this medicine is pulled off from the US markets on its own following many lawsuits claiming that it caused birth defects. The unfortunate thing is that this medicine is continued to be used in European countries and in Canada, with the name as Diclectin. So, to ensure the safety of the growing fetus, women should be careful about the medicines they take for morning sickness.

Herbal remedies can help: Generally, herbal remedies like peppermint tea and ginger are the most recommended natural solutions for this issue. These remedies can prevent nausea that is associated with pregnancy. However, these remedies can be helpful only for women with slight morning sickness. But, for those with higher morning sickness, these remedies may not work. These women can rely on the alternative medicine known as homeopathy to get the safe cure for their morning sickness. Here are some of the remedies prescribed by this system of medicine for morning sickness:

Colchicum: Some women get nausea and vomiting even when they smell food and so they cannot even cook. Even a thought about food can bring these symptoms and for such a condition, colchicum is recommended as the best remedy.

Ipecacuanha: When there is persistent and constant nausea, women can rely on this remedy. Even though, they wish to take rest, women with persistent and constant nausea will find that their condition worsens when they try to lie down. For this issue, Ipecacuanha can be the ideal remedy as per homeopathy.

Nux Vomica: When the nausea worsens even after taking the above-mentioned medication, particularly after eating something, the stomach may be very sensitive to pressure. In such a case, Nux Vomica can provide the relief.

Lacticum acidum: Some women do not feel any loss of appetite and some may experience an increase in appetite as well. These women will find that their nausea gets eased after eating, but worsens after coming across tobacco smoke. In such a case, this remedy can help.

Sepia: Sepia is prescribed when nausea is worse in the morning and when there is sensitivity for smells and craving for sour foods. This can also be the remedy for women who are depressed and worried about pregnancy.

Symphoricarpus: If any of the above-mentioned remedies do not work out, this remedy can provide the intended relief. When there is aversion to all foods and when the nausea worsens after a motion, this remedy can work out.

To conclude, this is not the complete list of homeopathic remedies available for morning sickness. So, if a lady experiences nausea and vomiting that is difficult to handle, it is better to seek the help of a certified homeopathic practitioner.

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