Relying On Homeopathy For Hair Loss

Relying On Homeopathy For Hair Loss

The medical terminology used for denoting hair loss is alopecia. This is the most common type of pattern baldness and it accounts to nearly 95% of the hair loss from scalp. It can be attributed to heredity reasons and it is typically permanent in nature. There is another type called as alopecia areata, which is temporary in nature. This type involves hair loss in body or scalp and the reasons for this type of loss are not actually known.

What is baldness?

Baldness typically indicates excessive hair loss from scalp and it can be caused due to some medical conditions, medications or due to hereditary reasons as well. This condition even though is known to be common among men; it can be experienced by women as well.

Causes of hair loss:

Experts are of the opinion that baldness is not the result of any disease, but it is caused due to age, changes in the testosterone hormone secretion and aging. Some of the other common factors contributing towards hair loss include:

Hormonal changes caused due to usage of birth control pills, childbirth or thyroid disease

Physical or emotional stress

Chemotherapy for cancer

Conditions like tumor in ovary or adrenal glands

Immune disorder

Radiation therapy and burns

Limited food intake, poor nutrition and nutritional deficiency

Repeated blow-drying and shampooing

Ringworm in scalp

Symptoms of hair loss:

When it comes to alopecia, patches of hair loss will be found in the head and it will be in circular pattern. Other symptoms for this condition include scarring, skin lesions and dandruff. Alopecia areata generally occurs in places, where male pattern baldness does not occur like above the ears, eyebrows and back of head. Female-pattern baldness generally occurs in parietal and frontal regions, while male-pattern baldness occurs in temples and the crown.

Homeopathic medicines for hair loss/baldness:

Generally, hair loss is a symptom that is not normal in the body and so homeopathy provides treatment on the basis of the underlying condition that causes the hair loss and following medicines are generally recommended for people looking for homeopathic treatment for hair loss:

Phosphoric acid: Under the category of this medicine, the following remedies are suggested for hair loss caused due to different reasons:

o Fluoric acid for hair loss due to syphilis

o Vinca minor for hair loss with great itching of scalp

o Arsenicum is recommended for bald spots near temple and when the scalp is roofed with dry scales.

Phosphorus: This is the ideal remedy recommended for alopecia areata. The characteristics of this remedy make it the ideal for bald spots in the head as well.

Natrum muriaticum: This is recommended when the hair falls even when it is touched. This can cure hair loss that is occurring after an illness.

So, homeopathy is an alternative medicine that can cure a wide range of disorders in humans and it can of course cure hair loss in an effective manner as the underlying cause of the problem is addressed by this system of medicine.

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