Treat Common Childhood Ailments With Homeopathy

Treat Common Childhood Ailments With Homeopathy

When it comes to giving some medicines to children, parents should be highly careful. There are increasing incidences of kids facing the ill effects of medications these days. The important point to remember here is that as against adults, the little organs of kids are more delicate and sensitive. When the correct remedy is used, homeopathy can effectively cure different issues related to the health of children. Even when the wrong medications are used in homeopathy, it will not create any ill effects like allopathic medications. Generally, children and infants respond well to homeopathic remedies as against adults. This system of medication will improve the natural defensive mechanism of the body, thereby helping children to stay away from different illnesses.

Homeopathy medicines that can help kids:

Parents can keep the following homeopathic remedies handy in their homes to cure common ailments that occur in children.


This medicine can be taken both internally and for external application for head injuries, swelling, muscle strains, sore muscles and many other pains. However, it should not be used in open wounds and this remedy can be effective in stopping hemorrhaging from wounds and it will help in reabsorption of blood as well.


This remedy can cure common cold, fever and cough. It can also be given for children, who have difficulty in sleeping because of nightmares.


This is stated as the best remedy for skin. It is known for its antiseptic properties and can be used in the form of spray, gel, ointment or cream. This can be applied directly to the wounds, rash, eczema and burns. It can play a major role towards breaking down scar tissue and it can bring about a pain-relieving effect and can soothe the skin. It can also prevent pus and can soothe canker sores. Children frequently get injuries due to playing and cycling and this remedy can give them painless relief from wounds, rather than relying on antiseptic injections that cause pain in children.


Some children will always be restless and irritable. This is an excellent remedy for these kids. Infants at teething stage will have diarrhea and red and tender gums and this is an excellent remedy for infants. It can cure earaches, colds, fever and cough in children.

Nux Vomica:

This is an excellent remedy for kids with prolonged mental stress, hyperactive children and overanxious kids. It can be used for indigestion and upset stomach in children. It can cure nausea and headache, diarrhea, runny nose and even it can cure emotional upset in kids.


This remedy can cure different issues like upset stomach, fever, conjunctivitis, colds and earaches that is common in children.


Individuals generally respond different for these remedies. However, these remedies can provide the best relief for common issues mentioned above in children. As mentioned earlier, rather than relying on medicines that can create different side-effects, parents can rely on these safe remedies that do not cause any ill effects on the overall health and growth and development of the delicate organs in kids.

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