Have a glance on “Male body” importance, which can lead to Body Dysmorphic Disorder--Part--8

Have a glance on “Male body” importance, which can lead to Body Dysmorphic Disorder--Part--8

Have a glance on “Male body” importance, which can lead to Body Dysmorphic Disorder--Part--8

“Male body” importance, in regards to Body Dysmorphic Disorder


The facts of body image for ‘guys”

It is colloquial that guys are carefree, but when the issue is about the appearance, many spend lots of time in front of mirror and ransack their wardrobes. In this case guys are almost equal to the girls. The fact is many guys say they do not care for their look, but in reality look is a predominant factor any one.  Body image is an important issue for men also. As far as body image is concerned, boys also keep talking about their body, development of body and day to day happenings the body impression could make points. Importantly, body image and self-image cannot be changed.

The importance of body image

A person’s thoughts, opinion and feelings have thick relations with his or her body image or physical appearance. A person with a positive body image feels pretty and confident. The person feels the way he or she looks and appreciates or depreciates his or her appearance. With the body image a person will perceive perfection or imperfection.

In totality, the body image is the basis of one’s self-image. This means the way a guy feels about his body is fully dependent on his feelings about himself. If a guy’s look is not up to his expectation, his self-confidence can be affected and so slide down.

The role of puberty in a person’s look

As body image is an important part of any body’s self-image, teenage that too during the puberty plays a significant role. In this period the body changes in many dimensions. The body image can attract or distract the attentions of many.

Body worries can go too far

Normally, a guy may have either minor or major complain in regards to his looks, when it becomes a matter of too intensity, it can be a cause for signaling a problem such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

A mental health condition “Body Dysmorphic Disorder” makes a person too preoccupied to compel a person to believe that whatever way he looks is ‘defective’ or not what he should have been otherwise. In this situation the guy will spend hours of time in front of mirror and try to check, fix or even hide some appearances, so that the flaws may not be seen by others. In this crisis moment the guy will have lots of interferences in his day today’s abilities that will result in afflicting his normal functions. In some cases the person will remain unhappy, or even depressed that may require professional assistance, to get him recovered.

The after effect

Because of change in body or remaining displeased with the body look, the guy may feel tough to deal with many things, which are easily dealt with by his peer groups. In some cases even the simple things like changes in voice or growth of hair around the body may be the cause for discomforts when the guy is comparing with the others around him.

In many cases, some teenagers remain fully dissatisfied with the bodily changes, mainly body size and weight. This leads these teenagers to feel unsecured in the society.



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