“Male body” look, which is connected with Body Dysmorphic Disorder--Part--9
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“Male body” look, which is connected with Body Dysmorphic Disorder--Part--9

“Male body” impression or look can be due to many factors


The factors of genes in the look of a male body

Since genes have a significant role in the development of our body, it becomes very tough to balance the imbalances already taken place in any one’s body. Many guys, during their puberty, do aspire for many promising or exceptional things in regards to their body look. If anything is missing in their look, they try to compensate those by taking different measures, starting from food, exercise, gym, parlor or even getting admitted in different personality development classes.

A piece of advice to these disheartened teenagers

You must accept that your approach in regards to your body growth and development should be positive. Never think that you will get quick or miraculous results. You must not think that your growth and development will be as you think in a particular way.

Feelings of desperation

The teenage guys, who are not satisfied with their body look, fathom sense of “wanting” because they feel everyone else better than them. These guys don’t know the fact that growth and changes in any one’s body are different from others. The mentality of such guys get obsessed with such inferiority complex that they feel that everyone else (except him) is physically stouter with sufficient muscles; in addition to this they are taller than them.

The guys of this type always brood over in terms of growth, but fail to understand that ‘genes’ have very significant role in the overall growth and developments of any human being. The problems of inferiority complex get further worsened when they see the class mates or the other peer groups are growing and developing in exemplary ways. The feelings of “haves” instead of “have-nots” can be the best succor.

The locker room problem

When guys of same age share their locker room before any games or sports event in the school or in their gyms or in such occasions, their feelings of “inferiority complex” become more sensitive issue.

These types of teenagers fail to understand that that they are not exceptional or alone in the melee, many are also there who are failing to “measure up”. The irony of the fact is many of these “so called blessed bodies" also think they are not up to the mark when they compare with some others, who are (to some extent) “better off” in this regard.

The remedy of the problem

The best remedy of the “Body Dismorphic Disorder” is talking to any of the closest male adult, who may be from own family, or a doctor or a teacher and why not his own father? There are many soothing results that can take these disheartened guys out of the “depressive situation” or the feelings of depressions.

If you are the case, sooner will be the better, when you can see the promising results peeping through. You must acquire many other things in your life; physical look is never the last thing you have gotten in your life time.

Once you excel in your curricular activities and in your academic life, your other misfortunes (as you call it) may definitely be dwindled down very quickly and very remarkably---just achieve, never gasp over what your body is falling short of.

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Hello, plz let me know What is menarche, I want to consult with gynec in Bhiwani, plz suggest ?
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Hii, I am from Katni, I want to know can cigerrete sharing can lead to syphilis ?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-03-09
yes,sharing cigerette,drinking cups,common spoons etc can also lead to syphilis, Generally whenever the fluid of a person who has syphilis is shared,the infection can occur, you should also consult with good Gynecologist in Katni
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