Cure Diabetes With Naturopathy

Cure Diabetes With Naturopathy

Cure Diabetes With Naturopathy

Diabetes, which is medically called as diabetes mellitus is an issue associated with assimilation. When the pancreas, which is responsible for producing insulin does not function properly, the body will not be in a position to convert the sugar into energy for the muscles. The important symptoms associated with diabetes are increase in the amount of urine passed, great thirst, loss of weight and weakness. It is generally recommended that when an individual suffers with diabetes, it becomes important to take appropriate remedy. When it comes to allopathic medicine, it is generally compulsory that long life medicines should be taken for diabetes.

Relying on alternative treatment can be the great idea:

As allopathic medicine recommends lifelong medication for diabetes, people looking for the best relief can rely on alternative treatment called naturopathy.

How diabetes treated by naturopathy?

As in the case of other diseases, naturopathy suggests diet changes and no drugs for diabetes. The important purpose of this medicine is to help the body in the assimilation of sugar into the system. This is achieved with the help of special diet. Here are the suggestions given by naturopathy:

It is recommended that a kilo of curd made from cow’s milk and different kind of gourds without salt.

The more greener the vegetables, the better healthier it would be.

Some sour fruits like rose apple, pineapple, orange and tomatoes can be taken into advantage.

The patient can take one or two chapatis that was prepared from the flour that is not passed through a strainer.

It is also recommended by naturopathy that patients with this disease will have to take long walks on a daily basis. People following a sedentary lifestyle are generally prone to this disease. So, this should be avoided.

Sugar, cereals and sugary preparations should be avoided.

What is the treatment method?

Generally, the treatment in naturopathy for diabetes will begin with fasting for a couple of days and then consumption of sour fruits alone for a week during which green vegetables can be alternated with the fruits. It is also suggested that curd prepared from cow’s milk should form an important part of the diet plan. If curd is not available, about 50 gms of sprouted gram can be taken along with every day diet. After about two weeks of this diet, the patient will be recommended to take bread prepared from wheat flour and during the fasting period, every day lukewarm enema should be taken every day.

Physical exercise is important:

Naturopathy recommends that patients with diabetes must include physical exercise in their day-to-day activities as it will help in utilizing the blood sugar. It is recommended that simple exercises like walking and jogging will be suitable. Hip bath is highly beneficial for diabetes patients according to naturopathy and particularly for those suffering with constipation. For those with lethargy skin, it is recommended that the best exercise of energetic rubbing of skin with rough towel for about 15 minutes before bath can be highly helpful. Pranayama, dhanurasana and cleansing processes are recommended as well according to naturopathy.

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