Heal Jaundice with home remedies

Heal Jaundice with home remedies

Heal Jaundice with home remedies

Jaundice is viruses caused disease. When some viruses are present in the liver our liver work abnormally. Patient skin is turned to yellow. Anger pigment in the liver leads to a problem of jaundice. Jaundice is also known as kamala in ayurvedic.

Jaundice is blood sucking diseases. Anemia is some of the major root of jaundice.

When fever, headache, loss of appetite constipation, weakness and deadly pain in the liver, yellow urine and eyes are the main indication of jaundice.

There are various remedies available in all therapies. But home remedies are more popular in the Indians. They believe and follow ayurvedic medicine. Here are some popular home remedies which heal jaundice quickly listed below:-

1. Almonds: the best home remedy to heal jaundice. Soak at least 5-7 almonds in water in the night. In the morning when your stomach is empty eat all almonds. It helps in relieving the liver pain because it is the main root of jaundice.

2. Bottle Gourd: In taking of bottle gourd’s juice is lone easy and effective treatment of jaundice. All those patients who are suffering from this disease are recommended to take at least 2 times this juice in a day i.e. in morning and in the evening. It will be shocking to know that in a one week you can easily heal jaundice securely and effectually.

3. Tamarind: Accumulation of 1 Tea spoon of tamarind in one glass of water and take this formula on a regular basis will assists you in healing jaundice. It is also advantageous in healing other health syndromes such as headache, down level of hungriness, fever etc.

4. Gram: It is one another very expedient remedy for jaundice. Adding up a gram in one’s daily regime can assists in healing this syndrome. To get more effective outcome, you are recommended to intake gram by drenched in water for at least three days.

5. Indian aloe vera: It can prove to be an outstanding medication for liver problems like jaundice. For thriving healing procedure, take a pulp of Indian aloe leaves plus ginger and also black salt in every morning for at least 10 days.

6. Long pepper: It is also an effectual home treatment for jaundice. To get relive from this disorder, it is suggested to soak at least 3 pieces of long pepper in butter milk and take it in every morning plus water for effective outcome. It can also solve issues related to chronic disorders like fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, jaundice as well.

7. Gokulakanta: This plant’s root is very strengthening in healing liver contagion such as hepatitis or jaundice. To heal this issue, a blend of root of its herb and water when given to the patient for at least 2-3 times in a day.

You may add fresh fruits juices and fruits in your daily routine diet to cure this disorder. Patients of jaundice are recommended to intake sweet potatoes, nuts, grapes, black soya beans etc in meal. In taking of water melon or plum are also advantageous in curing the jaundice.

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