Home remedies for arthritis

Home remedies for arthritis

There are many people in India suffering from any kind of arthritis and for getting relief from its pain, they consume medicines. To search for a reliable pain reliever is of great concern. The unbearable pain while climbing up the stairs disheartens the patients and can lead them the way towards depression. If the body of an individual can’t function properly than it is considered as an imbalanced body and sometimes the patients face pain in joints and thus search for pain relieving alternatives.

And as you know the cost of medications of arthritis are increasing day by day and that’s the reason why many people have turn towards the home remedies. But the patient before leaving the medication should consult his doctor first and then continue some home remedy.

Although after the doctor’s endorsement the patient can opt for several natural treatments that may relieve him from arthritis pain. These are very simple home remedies used by many experts also and can help the patient managing the arthritis pain and get sufficient relive from it. They are:

  • Take a cup of warm water; add two teaspoons of the lemon juice plus a single teaspoon of pure honey. Consume it twice in a day; it will relieve you from pain.
  • Consuming alfalfa tea can also relieve you from arthritis.
  • Massage the joints which are paining a lot with the help of vinegar, it will relieve you from pain.
  • To the orange juice (take one orange only), add one tablespoon of cod liver oil and mix it thoroughly and drink it regularly before sleeping.
  • Take out the juice of bathua's fresh leaves; consume 2 teaspoons of its juice regularly with empty stomach for about two to three months.
  • Dissolve 2 TS of apple cider vinegar plus two TS of honey and drink it twice in a day, it will reduce the pain.
  • An ointment consisting of pure olive oil and the kerosene in equal parts can be used for immersing the affected joints.
  • One unprocessed clove of garlic regularly can strengthen the immune system which in turn lessens the ache of arthritis in joints.

Home remedies of Arthritis through Dietary Supplements

For reducing the pain of arthritis you can add some dietary supplements for your regular routine, although you should also consult with your family doctor before initializing it. As without consulting some of these supplements can result in harmful reaction and might not be appropriate for your state.

The very famous food supplements used for relieving from the arthritis diseases are:

  • Fish Oil This oil helps us in managing the sudden inflammatory organs of the body.
  • Glucosamine Sulphate This supplement is used to build the cartilage in the joints which can give you relieve from the osteoarthritis ache for prolonged time.
  • Chandroitin It is used to insert fluid into cartilage which in turn enhances the Shock admitting capability of the person and also helps in reducing the weight.
  • MSM It is also called the organic sulphur which is used for lessening the inflammation of the body.

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