Naturopathic Treatment For Depression

Naturopathic Treatment For Depression

Depression is a psychological condition that is exemplified by thoughts of self killing, bad temper, desperation, negative thoughts and sadness. Most of the people experience bouts of mild depression that lasts just for few days or even for some people it will go away within a few hours. However, when these feelings persist for longer period like days or months together, it is an indication to a serious mental health issue that should be professionally treated. Depressive disorders are generally treated on the basis of the severity of the symptoms. Drug therapy and counseling is generally used in treating this condition. However, people can rely on alternative medicine and complementary therapies like naturopathy.

How does naturopathy treat depression?

Generally, professional naturopathic practitioners will decide the treatment on the basis of the causes behind the condition. These causes generally will differ from one patient to another. Therefore, unique treatment will be provided for each patient. Health care providers practicing this alternative medicine are of the opinion that improper diet is one of the leading causes of depression. This means that when people take some foods in higher quantity and too little of others, they may get depression.

Generally, the human body needs fats, starches, sugar and fats in appropriate quantities for healthy functioning. When there is an imbalance in the body chemistry due to the improper food intake, it may be manifested as depression. Some people are allergic to certain foods like gluten and this might cause depression as the effect. This is why naturopathy recommends modification of food habits as the treatment towards depression.

Common cause of depression as per naturopathy:

Naturopathy states that lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet can lead to depression. This is why in addition to suggesting the right diets, naturopathy suggests patients with nutritional supplements, particularly Vitamin B supplements, Vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. These vitamins are suggested either in the form of pill or in the form of foods like leafy green vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and dairy products. Naturopathy being close to the nature uses herbs for treating depression. Some of the herbs used in this regard are:

Chaste tree





Lifestyle changes:

Naturopathy also recommends lifestyle changes for patients, who wish to get out of their depression. For instance, physical exercises are recommended in addition to healthy diet. Exercise can increase the production of endorphins in the body and these compounds generally have a direct effect on the mood of individuals.


Naturopathy believes that the human body has the ability to heal itself. This is why naturopaths generally find the reason behind the improper functioning of the body and accordingly suggests appropriate diet and lifestyle changes and natural products to restore the normal functioning of the body. These professionals also follow techniques like aromatherapy, oil massage, acupuncture, exercises and relaxation therapy for curing the underlying cause behind any health condition and this includes depression as well. So, people looking to get out of their depression in a natural manner can rely on this alternative medicine.

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