Surviving Cancer With Naturopathy

Surviving Cancer With Naturopathy

Generally, cancer survivors will be highly stressful not only because of the pain associated with the disease, but also with the pain caused by the treatment options like chemotherapy and radiotherapy and their effects. But, they need not continue these therapies for longer and as soon as the disease is brought under control, the great relieving news to the cancer survivors is that they can get the best relief with the complementary branch of medicine called as naturopathy. This system of medicine makes use of safe and natural therapies.

Even though, cancer was considered a dreadful disease earlier, nowadays, there is an increase in the number of cancer survivors due to the improvement in medicine. In general, surviving this dreadful disease needs great deal of courage, endurance and strength. People surviving this disease should love themselves and they should take better care of themselves. Even though, treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are needed for bringing the disease under control, these treatments do not actually address the root cause. Once the dreadful treatments are completed, cancer survivors can rely on naturopathy to restore the overall health.

What does naturopathy do?

Naturopathy is a complimentary branch of medicine that uses safe and natural therapies. It upholds detoxification as the initial step towards providing recovery from cancer. This system of alternative medicine, generally suggests 5 step process of providing the best survival opportunities for cancer survivors:

Step 1: Detox lifestyle:

In this first step, the following lifestyle changes are recommended:

• Exercise regularly

• Ensuring enough sleep every day

• Avoiding coffee and alcohol consumption in excessive rates as these beverages can overload the liver


•For people who are smoking, they are suggested to quit the habit.

Step 2: Healthy eating:

Here, more of fruits and vegetables with rich fiber content are recommended for fastening the process of healing.

• Fiber-rich foods can detoxify the body well

• Increase water intake is recommended for flushing out unwanted toxins

• It is suggested to avoid sauces, mustard, BBQ and soy sauce at this stage

Step 3: Organ repair:

Repairing organs according to naturopathy involves cleansing of two main organs namely the intestines and the liver.

• Liver is generally responsible for breaking down the medications given during cancer treatment and radiation, chemotherapy effects. So, it is recommended that liver should be cleansed to improve its functioning again as it would have been become toxic due to the different treatments given to the cancer patient.

• Here, liver rejuvenation takes place in two stages through draining and through supportive therapy.

• The intestines are also cleaned by naturopathy in two stages, first being elimination of toxins and second the restoration of its normal functions.

Step 4: Elimination of toxins:

Generally, when toxins are not removed from the body, they start circulating again causing degeneration. They can also deposit in fat tissues, this is why in this stage, and naturopathy works towards elimination of toxins out of the body.

Step 5: Restoring detox organs:

Rather than eliminating toxins through the usual route, naturopathy takes a different approach for removing them through skin. Once the organs are cleaned by providing them rest or through saunas or supportive supplementation therapies the final step is restoring the organs will be followed.

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# Nishith 2017-05-13
Hii, I am from Haridwar, I want to know can cigerrete sharing can lead to syphilis ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-05-14
yes,sharing cigerette,drinking cups,common spoons etc can also lead to syphilis, Generally whenever the fluid of a person who has syphilis is shared,the infection can occur, you should also consult with good Gynecologist in Haridwar
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# Harikiran 2017-03-01
Hi, plz let me know What is the incubation period of Syphilis, also give me the list of good female's specialist in Sagar ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-02
Hii, The incubation period can be 10 to 90 days, plz find list of Gynecologist in Sagar
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