Australian Scientists Claim That Hepatitis B can be Cured
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Australian Scientists Claim That Hepatitis B can be Cured

An extremely dangerous chronic viral disease, which is incurable at present times, is Hepatitis B. The virus can infect the liver to a point that it can lead to complications at the time of cirrhosis and liver cancer, which is responsible for more than approximately 780, 000 casualties worldwide.

Australian Scientists say that they have finally managed to find a cure for this deadly virus. According to them a therapy of an antiviral drug in combination with an anti-cancer drug has been discovered 100 percent successful in excluding the Hepatitis B virus also referred as (HBV) conditions in pre clinical models.

According to few scientist from Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute came  the combination treatment by using birinapant, which is a drug discovered by the US  biotech company called Tetra Logic Pharmaceuticals for treating Cancer.

According to the report from IANS, Marc Pellegrini who is one of the researchers said that they have completely succeeded in curing HBV infection in more than hundred tests in preclinical models.

Birinipant can successfully destruct the cells of livers that are infected by the viruses of Hepatitis B while making sure that the normal cells remain unharmed.

It is interesting to know that when birinapant was used along with the antiviral drug of current times called entecavir, the infection was treated at a much faster rate than using only birinapant itself.  They are also wishing that these trails are as successful in human clinical trials as in the laboratories which are already in practice in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide explained Pellegrini. The combination of the two medicines happened with the collaboration and help of the above mentioned Tetra Logic Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Malvern, US, Pennsylvania. This collaboration which resulted in an efficient medicine centers on the virus of Hepatitis that infects the cells of livers and keeps them as hostage.

Infectious Chronic disease for example HBV lives within the infected cells, which enables them to reside in the body for several years and months, explained Pellegrini. The virus is dependent completely on the mechanism for survival of the host virus so if the virus cannot exploit them the cells die. This mentioned monumental alteration in the environment of the virus may be too huge an obstruction for it to get used to explained Pellegrini.

More than approximately two billion people worldwide are infected with Hepatitis B and approximately around four hundred million are infected by the HBV chronic infection.



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