Etiology of Autism

Etiology of Autism

Etiology of Autism

Autism & its etiology

There is no proven cause of autism even after studying different theories. The causes may be multiple. Some of them are being discussed here.

After studying several literatures it is concluded that the cause is not psychological, it is purely biological. The book Infantile Autism (1965) by Bernard Rimland have revealed about the biological factors causing the health condition. No scholar has blamed the parents for the problem of autism in his or her child.

What are the apparent patterns of the autism seen among the patients & and its reflections among the parents?

ð Many children with autisms are not accepted by their parents, nor do the parents like to be called as the parents of the autistic children.

ð There are many occasions when parents with pathogen (a tiny living organism, which is medically known as virus or bacterium that cause people sick) mostly have non-autistic or normal children.

ð As far as siblings are concerned, autistic siblings are very rarely normal.

ð Right from the moment of birth, autistic children are found to be unusual in their behaviour.

ð The consistent ratio between boys and girls, in most of the cases girls are 1 while boys are 3 or 4.

ð In case of twins, in almost all the cases, both are found to be affected with the same problem.

ð The causes of autism are likely to occur or has close simulation of some type of organic brain damage

ð The symptoms of autism are almost specific and highly unique.

ð Many opine that there is no particular gradation of infantile autism; it is very difficult to grade autism as mild, mediocre or severe category of autism. But the severity does exist.

Among the core symptoms of Autism

There are great differences among the severity of symptoms of autism. The core symptoms of autisms are demarcated in the areas as below:-

1) Relationships and social reactions: The symptoms in this category are :

i) The affected child with this problem faces significant problems in the developments of the non-verbal communication skill. The examples are body posture, facial expressions and gazing.

ii) The affected child fails to establish friendship with the same age group.

iii) Insufficient empathy is very much observed. The affected children fail to understand the feelings like sorrow or pain of others.

iv) Hardly any interest is observed among these children in sharing achievements of others, interests of others and enjoyments of others.

2) Non-verbal and verbal communications:  The symptom in this category is :

a) Either lack of or delay in learning to talk. It is evidently proved that 40 % of the autistic children do not speak. For starting any conversation, these children face much difficulty. Even if some children start conversing, they can’t continue for long time.

3) Repetitive or stereo type language: The symptom in this category is :

A) The affected person goes on repeating the same thing (whatever he or she has heard before) again and again. It is otherwise known as echolalia.

4) The affected person can hardly understand the perspective of the listeners. An autistic person can hardly understand the humour of others. The persons in this category can hardly catch the meaning of the full sentence; they simply try to interpret the single word from a full sentence.

5) The affected persons have least interest in any play or in any activity: The symptoms in this category are :

a) The affected persons focus unusually on pieces. The children who are comparatively younger, in most of the cases remain busy with the parts of the toys, in place of an entire toy.

b) These children remain preoccupied with certain topics. The example is adults or elder children are attracted to the license plates, trading cards and video games.

c) The kids in this category like to eat the same thing or like to follow the same route towards school.


d) Stereo type behaviour: The affected persons like to repeat the same behaviour, such as hand flapping or body rocking.

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