Five Negative calorie foods

Five Negative calorie foods

Five Negative calorie foods

Negative calorie foods are naturally low in calories, and so it is believed that the amount of calories used in the process of chewing, digesting and eliminating is greater than the amount of calories contained in the food. This is called negative calorie foods that are mostly vegetables and fruits with low calories.

In a daily life, along with the balanced diet and regular exercise, consumption of these negative calorie foods leads to weight loss as it satisfies hunger by filling the stomach with low calories.

Many people use these foods as part of a weight loss in order to be able to eat more foods without added calories.

Below are some of the five negative calorie foods that help for weight loss and to stay fit and healthy.

1. Apple:

· An apple consists of about 100 calories.

· Apples are good source of soluble fiber which helps in lower cholesterol.

· Apple contains vitamin C which helps boost the immune system.

· Antioxidant present in an apple is an added benefit.

2. Broccoli:

· Half a cup of broccoli contains only about 25 calories.

· Broccoli contains vitamin A, C, Folic acid and calcium.

· Above nutrients keeps the eyes healthy, strengthen the immune system, reduce memory loss and strengthen bones respectively.

3. Cucumber:

· Cucumber has very high water content but not having more nutrients.

· Cucumber contains only 15 calories and it is one of the very effective negative calorie foods.

· High potassium content in the cucumber makes useful for very high and low blood pressure persons.

· Cucumber helps in digestion.

· Cucumber helps to reduce bad cholesterol.

· Consumption of Cucumber helps for diabetic patients.

4. Celery:

· Celery sticks contains only 20 calories.

· Celery is primarily made up of water and fiber.

· Celery has been found to help lower uric acid levels.

5. Lettuce:

· Half a cup of lettuce contains only 8 calories.

· Lettuce is a rich source of fiber.

· The fiber content in lettuce increases satiety which is an important factor in portion control for weight loss apart from being a negative calorie food.

Consumption of above negative calories foods in daily life:

· Apple can be consumed directly or can make a juice and can be consumed.

· Broccoli can be steamed with mild seasoning before consumption.

· Cucumber can also consume directly or can make salad and can be consumed.

· Celery has an acquired taste but can be made into a juice and consumed.

· One can consume the above mentioned foods by making salad with low calorie dressings like yoghurt, Lime juice, olive oil, or vinegar in moderate quantities for preparation of salad.




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