Fruit Juice not equal to fruit

Fruit Juice not equal to fruit

Most of the people start their morning either with Fruit juice or fruit and keeping in mind the myth that both are equally healthy. But the Fact is that Fruit juice is not as healthy as Fruits.

Although fruit juice is tasty breakfast but the process of making fruit juice decreases the nutrients, fibre and water soluble vitamins. Fruit juice is not 100% fruit. It loses its originality.

Many thinks that only canned or fruit juices available in market are not healthy but juice made in your own home is not good as fruits.

Orange vs. orange Juice:

When we talk about orange, primary source of flavonoids is white part of the orange and coloured part contain vitamin C. Both are necessary for body because it work together. But in orange juice white part is removed in process of making juice, it loses flavonoids.


How the deficiency of fruit juice affect the health:

Fibre is essential for good heart and bowel health. Also known as roughage or bulk, fibre is the part of plant foods that is not digested nor absorbed by the body. It passes through the digestive system and exits the body in the stool. Insoluble fibre creates bulky stools and helps reduce irregularity and constipation. Soluble fibre dissolves in water and helps you maintain low blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Some whole fruits contain fibre but, often, fruit juice does not.

Less Fibre

Fruit contains fibre and it is lost in a process of making juice. Having fibre regularly in our diet helps us in improving digestive system.  For example, three to four apples contain 12 to 15 grams of fibre and would make one cup of apple juice. However, an 8-ounce serving of apple juice contains no fibre. The fibre contained in the apples is totally lost during the production of the apple juice.

How excess sugar fruit juice effects:

Canned juice contains excess amount of sugar which is harmful for our body. Drinking few ml of this type fruit juice can add calories to the body in excess that is harmful to your health. With so much sugar spurting in your body, you will experience a sudden burst in energy that will immediately drop, causing fatigue, irritability and lethargy. Excess amount sugar in Fruit juices can raise the problem of blood sugar and Fruit is not rich in vitamin but fruit juice is rich in vitamin C.

Some other negative effects of Fruit Juice:

There is Lots of reason of choosing fruits instead of fruit juice. Two are below:

1. Fruit Juices get Absorbed Too Fast

“A diet and obesity research by the Medical Research Council's Human Nutrition Research Unit in Cambridge disclosed the existence of nothing even remotely close to a "nutritious" fruit juice. This, the lead researcher of the study said, was because fruit juices get absorbed too soon by the body and by the time it reaches the stomach, the body just would not know whether the liquid was a soft drink or fruit juice.”

2. Fruit Juices Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals

There are rumours that fruit juice is helpful in losing weight but truth is that drinking fruit juice makes you feel hungry while eating fruit makes you feel full. But same amount of fruit juice compared with fruit add more calories to your body.


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