golden cure from gold for brain tumor
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golden cure from gold for brain tumor

golden cure from gold for brain tumor

Scientists have come up with amazing use of gold for curing brain tumors. This is a great achievement. The gold used will not only help in stopping the tumor cells to replicate but also help in completely making them died. Now the patients of this disease will be relieved from pain.

Research and result

The research is done by Prof Sir Mark Welland of St John’s College, Cambridge.

The technique is used to treat Glioblastoma multiforme which is a common form of brain cancer .Treatments are there for fighting with this brain cancer but the recently developed is more effective than others.

Nano- spheres tiny particle of gold which are four million times smaller than single human hair are created by researchers. These tiny particles are surrounded by chemotherapy drug namely cisplatin.

The Nano- spheres are injected to the brain cancer cells extracted during surgery followed by radiotherapy.

As a result the radiotherapy attacked the tumor cells and also excited the electrons present inside the golden core. The excitation of electrons triggered the DNA of cancer cells.

This also resulted in release of chemotherapy to work on weakened cancer cells

After twenty days, no cancer cells left in the treated samples.

Future scope-other cancer cells can also be treated

Prof Sir Mark Welland says that by using these strategy treatments for other typed of cancers can be developed.

Dr. Collin watts neurosurgeon who also took part in the study said that the cancer cells should be triggered with more than one type of treatment simultaneously

The trials on human will be started in 2016 according to researchers.

Brain tumours at a glance

Brain tumours are abnormal cells which grows within brain .Its scientific name is intracranial neoplasm .There are two types of brain tumours namely malignant or cancerous tumors and benign tumor.

Benign brain tumors:
Benign brain tumors do not contain cancerous cells and develop very slowly so they rarely grow as malignant tumor but can cause serious health issues.

Malignant brain tumors:
Malignant brain tumor contains cancer cells so called as brain cancer. They grow very fast and damage the other brain tissues. They can spread to other parts of body also.

Glioblastoma multiforme-most common brain cancer

Also known as glioblastoma, name given by WHO .it is a primary malignant brain tumor.

Symptoms and treatments


· Abnormal pulse and breathing rates can also occur

· Deep, dull headaches that recur often and persist without relief for long periods of time

· Difficulty walking or speaking

· Dizziness

· Eyesight problems, including double vision

· Seizures

· Vomiting



· Radioactive seed implants

· Stereotactic radiosurgery

· New forms of chemotherapy



Risk factor

Glioblastoma can occur at any age but they are most common after fifty years of age.


Diagnosis is done by neurologist who performs the complete examination and taken training in diagnosis of disorders of brain, spinal cord and nerves. The diagnosis involves:

MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging)

CT scan (computed tomography)

X-ray of chest to find out whether tumor has spread to other body parts or not

Few other tests after knowing the symptoms:

Test for field of vision

Tests for sharpness of vision

Tests for hearing

The treatment from gold is new hope as we all know out of difficulties grows miracles.

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