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Health Department Launches Campaign Against Diarrhea

The health department launched a campaign known as ‘Intensified Diarrhea Control Fortnight’ l(IDCF) on Monday in Jaipur as they were struggling to bring down the rate of infant mortality also known (IMR). More than eleven thousand children who are below the age of five die in the state every year due to Diarrhea.

As per the heath officials, there are approximately eighty-three lakh children below the age of five in the city. The department of health has set a goal to organise a door to door survey. This respective survey will help the health department to seek out for children who are under the influence of Diarrhea. Besides conducting the survey the health officials are planning to distribute zinc tablets and ORS to the children who are under the influence of this disease.

Rajendra Rathore who is the health minister of the state stated that there are more than eleven thousand children in the state who are suffering from the disease. The respective campaign will function to create awareness about the disease and cure those are affected by it.

Rathore further said that the rate if infant mortality is around forty-seven per thousand births. The target set by the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) is to bring the mentioned rate down to twenty-eight per thousand births by the end of the year. To reach Millennium Development Goals, the department of health is concentrating on making putting collective efforts. These efforts made by the health department are to bring down the mortality rate by providing and encouraging necessary vaccination for the disease. He also mentioned that a campaign, ‘Indradhanush’ has been launched recently in the state to provide vaccination to children dropped out of were left for various reasons during the routine immunisation, which was held earlier.

New Initiative apart from Indradhanush launched by the health department include pentavalent vaccine, deworming control programme, Bal Swasthya Karkyakram and Measles catch up round.

Along the survey, the health officials are also going to examine if the child is suffering from malnutrition besides seeking for children who are under the influence of Diarrhea. The children who are identified as malnutrition will be immediately sent to one of any one of the malnutrition centres for treatment. There are around 147 malnutrition treatment centres in the country.

Six Children who were under the age of five were awarded on the occasion “Healthy Baby”. There were sixty-seven children in total that day.

Precaution to Avoid Diarrhea

  • Wash your hand carefully before start eating.
  • It is very important to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Eat fresh food as much as possible.
  • Do not eat food that has a possibility of being contaminated with bacteria or has been kept in open for a long period.
  • Drink clean water only.

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0 # Lakshay Older than three months
Hello, I am from Siddharthnagar, PLz suggest some biochemic remedies for gonorrhoea .
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0 # Dr. Pooja Older than three months
Kali Mur, Natrum Mur, Natrum Sulph, and silicea are few important biochemic emedies in homoeopathy which can be used safely in this case, you can also take advise from gynecologist given here-Gynecologist in Siddharthnagar.
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0 # Aarav Older than three months
My friend has been diagnosed with gonorrhoea, Please tell which tests will be advisable, also suggest gynec in Bareilly ?
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0 # Dr. Naresh Older than three months
VDRL tests should be done every month for 3 consecutive months for detecting syphilis as well as other sexually transmitted diseases,These tests should be conducted at proper times, find good Gynecologist in Bareilly
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