India Will Now be The Top Destination for Joint Replacement Surgeries
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India Will Now be The Top Destination for Joint Replacement Surgeries

With vast expertise and low cost investments in the procedure, many health experts have claimed that India will be the top destination for surgeries related to joint replacement and healing technology. It is also expected that India will have approximately $ 2 billion patients from all across the world.

For high end knee surgeries over 1 00 000 patients from all across the world have visited India. Gargi Ghosh, physiotherapist at Activ Ortho rehabilitation center stated that the restriction on people travelling from various parts of the world have been reduced and the process is still on so that more patients can travel with ease without facing any visa issues and other similar problems.

She further stated that, with every new surgery related to joint replacements and transplant process, ways are being discovered to neutralize or minimize the invasive nature of the entire procedure and also to minimize the complication in surgeries, which also arise from the same.

India is doing really well and emerging as an efficient center of excellence in the department of surgeries related to transplants or replacements. Mudi Khanna, Consultant of orthopedics in a Mumbai based Wockhardt hospital stated that, India caters not only the patients who belong to rural areas and smaller cities but patients from various international destinations who come to metro cities for respective procedures.

He further added that besides absence of a professional physiotherapist in the hospitals all across India, the consultations that were provide post surgery by several orthopedics were adequate enough for the patients to go through and understand the various dos and donts , which also aided the surgery.

Medical experts  said that more than half of the patients that were travelling to India for respective surgeries were inclined on getting treated in India due to lack of post surgery treatment that is provided in various hospitals all across the world.

Khanna also stated that the importance of the physical therapy provided right after the surgery is as important as the entire procedure of surgery itself. The consequences of not giving importance to the post physiotherapy may cause prolonged and persistent pain, in severe cases inability to achieve adequate movement (flexibility or bending movement) of the knee or difficulty in straightening the knee completely.

According to the statistics provided by the AIIMS also known as The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, approximately over 2 lakh surgeries which include Knee replacement and Hip replacement were performed in India for which a sufficient amount of post surgery rehabilitation which is usually not informed to the patients.


Sumit Arora, Senior Physiotherapist at ActivOrtho stated that as the respective procedure is less invasive as compared to other surgeries, the healing process gets boost up and the process of rehabilitation can begun at a very early stage, which can provide very efficient and smooth result postoperative. Deficiency in the range of motion and pain related syndromes can also be precisely treated.

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