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Is Dieting only way to look Good

Everyone wants to look good. Is dieting is only way to look good?

Many of us thinks that dieting is only way to lose weight or look good. But we are not aware of its bad effect on heath. If you want to waste your time then follow dieting method to lose weight. If you succeed in dieting than you are definitely fail in healthy living.

US scientists research on dieting has concluded that dieting does not work.US Scientist said that People are not losing weight from dieting but regaining all the weight. As Clark Russell said,

“The diet industry is the most successful failed business in the world,’ “

Believes of people for dieting:


Most of the people thinks that carbohydrate is adding calories but facts is that  Carbs like fruits, veggies and whole grains are not adding lot of calories but it gives energy. It adds fats when you eat simple carps (sugar, juices and starches such as white rice, white bread, potatoes and pasta) with fat containing foods. This combination causes high blood sugar.

Grapefruit, celery or cabbage soup:

People eat grapefruit, celery of cabbage soup while dieting to burn fat. There is not such type of food which can burn fats. But some caffeine containing foods can speed up metabolism means fast use of energy, for very short period but can’t help losing weight.

Low Calories Food:

Eating low calories foods (Fat free or no added sugar food) is not a good option for losing weight.

In fact these types of foods are not lower in calories than same quantity of fat containing food. But it has as many calories as full fat foods.

Skipping Evening meal:

Skipping Evening meal is not way to lose weight because after gap in meal you become hungrier and consume more in next meal.

Reasons to Avoid Dieting:

· Lower the calories lower the required vitamins and proteins

· Instead of losing weight, weight is increase because just after dieting metabolism of body becomes weak which means you can live on less food, so when you stop dieting you become habitual of that eating habit.

· Excesses dieting causes muscle loss and leads to severe heart problem

· Dieting leads to digestion of your own body tissues

· Constipation is also major problem who are on strict diet for longer period.

· Dieting cause guilt and poor self-esteem

· Dehydration is major problem in dieting because while dieting you avoid water rich food.

What is better than dieting to weight loss?

Another method comes in mind for losing is Exercise.  Facts are that Exercise burns fewer calories. In fact exercise is not beneficial for weight loss. For example, if someone weighs 125 pounds, studying for 20 min burns about 35 calories, doing Pilates burns about 100 calories and playing games about 130 calories in the same amount of time. So this proves that all physical activity burns calories. Exercise burns fat and builds muscle. So fat is converted into muscles. Fat is not exhausted by doing exercise. It is only transferred into another form.

“The only way to lose weight is burning more calories than you consume.”

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